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    Demons not spawning in snap map please help

      I'm having a problem with demons spawning on snap map. I have them triggered by a panel being turned on but suddenly none of the demons are spawning, Even the ones that are triggered by a pressure plate are not spawning and the ones just put in the map. All was working fine then all of a sudden no spawning at all. I've checked and double checked if all is set up correct and it is. Please tell me i've pressed something and its an easy fix. Thank you

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          same issue, it was working before i started placing demons, now im at 100 max demons and the auto populate is not working. nor the waves or bosses. and the teleporter is not working either

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            seems to be that on the basic (PVE COOP) creation, you can


            A. have automated AI with a set difficulty where you tinker with the respawn and difficulty. how quickly a boss will spawn but no chpise over bosses ( i use this because they dont stop spawning until your done your mission. even on hard they are a bit silly but they are not suppose to be rocket scientists right? thats why i try to add B for waves and room lockdown when you pick up something special.


            B. empty map with a wave generator to whichever room and being able to set the difficulty,waves 1-10 (i think) and how many groups spawn in each wave.Survival for a certain amount of time, MINI BOSS Generator of your choice. ( seems like you can choose a mini zombie boss lol) OR another GENERATOR with set types of demons of your own choice ( but it seems to not work right away for either of these ) ive had 0 Percent demons and no spawns. Broken?


            C. place up to 100 percent value in demons/monsters anywhere you like until you run out.(like building max in fallout) but they RUN OUT QUICK!!!

            These monsters can be told to stay (Ambush) or you can send them on patrols  of your choice. There is also a hunt choice, im guessing they follow you everywhere?



            BUT it seems you can only choose 1 of those 3 options. ive had generated ai (wandering low teir imps and zombs that change to tougher enemies) but no sucsess with the waves and locking down rooms when you pick up a a key or good gun. ADDING option C seems to override B and C. Good grief yet im still having fun messing about.

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              This seems to be a bug that I encountered today and it stopped my map development dead in it's tracks. I already finished all my level geometry and most clutter. I started to sprinkle enemies around the map as normal until I had a room that I wanted the player to fight waves of enemies. I successfully set up the trigger and the waves of enemies were spawning and I could play test and complete the event. Then I continued to the next module and started placing objects and enemies. Now my enemies from my wave event no longer spawn, and I can't make progress on the wave because the enemies aren't there.


              There doesn't seem to be any workarounds for it either. I tried deleting and remaking all the logic or triggers, but nothing works. Where are we supposed to report bugs on the game? There really should be an in-game report-a-bug feature, Bethesda.

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                I have the same glitch.. I made the map "Episode 1: Outbreak" and in that it's glitched, but it's not that bad because i don't have that many enemies in it, but today i was making Episode 2, because i saw a ton of people liked my map (which made me super happy) so i start building and stuff, and when i was almost done and did a few more test runs, turned out that half of the enemies don't spawn or "show" at all where i placed my triggers, which ruins the entire flow, even in a lockdown room, you just have to wait for a whole minute and nothing happens. So weird... hope it gets fixed soon so i can publish the map, because nothing works now... :c Makes me really sad and stressed out, would've loved to get a new Episode out every day or 2.

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                  That doesnt fix it for me, i can remove the Wave Generator lockdown thing, but it doesnt change anything, and on my first map where i did not have a lockdown or wave event at all, the glitch still happened, even though most of my enemies were already placed and only a select few were supposed to spawn in by opening certain doors and stuff.

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                    thats strange indeed, seen your map it looks good. props to re-doing the classic. its a shame there are no mod rooms with secret doors. im guessing you can get the music with the synth and effects! my music activators are a hit and miss too.


                    I tried redoing a similar map to ultimate doom. classic 3way split for keys, lots of baddies without the waves.a few weapons on start and the best hidden away. Should check it out its called


                    Find The Keys.You Know The Drill


                    i could use the input

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                      Ah thanks so much!! c: I loved making my map, tried to make it a bit more.. classic-ish, and the music is like.. eh.. i wanna place down some good and loud metal but its just not possible at all, which sucks.

                      And yeah i played your map yesterday! Upvoted it too! C: Loved it a lot, felt like a real Doom map!

                      Hope this gets fixed soon, i was so excited while making my new map, had Doom 1 and 2 OST playing and i was jamming and stuff, and then the glitch happened and my whole day is ruined now >.<

                      If you want to we could add each other on Steam and do some co-op levels or something if you feel like it, i have no friends that play Doom ;_;

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                        I'm also having the same issue. It's weird too as sometimes things spawn/unhide sometimes they don't and sometimes it happens waaaay after the fact. Went through and deleted enemies thinking that maybe I had too many, nope. Went through and set up all enemies to appear via triggers, nope. Went through and redid the triggers, nope. Spent hours last night trying to fix this to no avail. Pretty damned frustrating and to top it off my encounters are something of a mess now due to the constant tinkering while trying to fix it.

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                          I'm on Xbox btw.

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                            so while using snapmap, my game just crashed.saved data was corrupt while playing. lost EVERYTHING but my 1 published map. i lost all progress since release. lost all sp progress. LOST ALL my snap money, even the stuff i bought is gone. be carefull everyone. i posted this issue but it wont post hmmmmmm suspicious

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                              Oww, now I feel bad about thumbing down "Episode 1: Outbreak". I did enjoy the map, but I got stuck at the end (or the win condition is missing), so I left the map and thumbed down thinking it was incomplete or broken. Looking forward to the next one.


                              I hope the developers are aware and fix it. These enemy bugs are brutal.

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                                I would hope that they would be aware of what goes on in the forums on their own website. This is a pretty major bug.

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                                  Oh gosh it's okay, the victory condition is to smack one of those terminal buttons at the end of the last hallway, but i mean it's my first level, made it kinda easy on purpose xD

                                  episode 2 is out called "Episode 2: Escape" nice and cheesy ;p Making episode 3 tomorrow ^^

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                                    I FIXED IT!


                                    What happens is that, at one point the game can't run so many AI scripts at a time, you see; when you place 50 demons spread across however many rooms, the game can't run that, what you need to do is make triggers/events happen, where it would spawn demons. So what i do for example is: I have the spawn room, then when you walk through the door in the spawn room, i make a trigger happen that "When door is opened" i "Show" the enemies in the next room, so you have to select that they are not shown when you place them down, but are "shown" once a certain thing happens. So that way you can always make rooms ahead of the one you're in filled with enemies, and the glitch won't happen. I am not even sure if it's a glitch or intended, but at least it's a work around for now. Hope you guys understand my explanation, i'm bad at explaining stuff like this ;p

                                    So just, make walking through trigger boxes (Which you can make invisible by making the colors 0, 0, 0 btw. Or make it so that opening doors, spawns enemies in the room ahead of you, so it's like they were always there when people enter the room c:

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