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    NO 1on1 or basic deathmatch (DM)???

      How sad ... hope this can be easily rectified.  Will be sending back the collectors edition unopened ... bought it online since the limited edition wouldn't show up until Monday (really?)


      So hopeful for the basics of what made DM great and end up with soul harvest and No 1on1 or basic DM.  Instead you get paired with a bunch of idiots you don't know, not fun.

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          Agreed, was very disappointed to see no Free for all death match, makes you wonder what the point of the armor colors are if you can't even see them in game cause everyone is red or blue

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            This is a must along with been able to host multiplayer game outside of Snapmap !

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              Also, no dedicated hosted servers and no way to communicate by typing to people in game or the lobby... This sickening level of control will basically make the multi-player DOA. I was really looking forward to the multi player mode. It seems I only really have  a single player game, with some abomination of a multi player afterthought tacked on. Oh and has anyone else noticed the directional sound is terrible in multi player mode. Its great in the campaign but then that's all good right?  If I'd have known how dodgy the MP was I'd have waited and picked up doom for single player on sale...

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                Good point .. very sad that quake 4 has better surround sound from 11+ years ago. 


                Hoping they actually monitor these forums so we can get some type of response ... even if its 'too bad', this is what you get.