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    Marine Customization Pointless ?

      Hi there,


      First of all absolutely loving the game. The customization aspect is really well done, I love how many options they put into it. So I have made my giant metallic glowing demon man, pop into a game aaaand I am a blue marine, every single game, the same blue marine. I can understand teamcolors but as far as I see it there is no mode where I can actually see peoples customizations, which makes it really quite pointless (please no debates about how it's pointless anyway )

      Am I completely missing something here, like a toggle to switch off teamcolors or something like that because as far as I can see the devs made an awesome customization system and then made it completely pointless accept for the very start and end of a match?

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            Yup.  If there was a regular death match mode it would actually have a point to it.

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              Well, the colors are the only thing that don't show while in game. Its easy to miss but the shapes of the armor ARE in the game while playing.

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                Hmm after looking into it yeah the armors themselves are there, but it's not the in your face design the game allows you to create.


                Basically if I was the team that created the customization options (again amazing work, really love the little details you can change) then the gameplay designers just came and said, well actually all the modes are teambased, so everyone is gonna be a blue or red guy, the patterns and colors you made won't matter, nor will the wear system or dirt and if you have put any time at all into making those metallic colours look nice and pretty, weeelll forget about it. If I was that design team I would be annoyed that my work had gone (for the most part) unused.


                Just let us toggle team colors off, I can deal with just using the markers above heads to see who is on my team. Or add some non team based modes, didn't play the beta but wasn't there a FFA mode, why would they cut FFA ?

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                  This game desperately needs a free for all mode with custom colors intact.

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                    When you play snapmap maps, you have your custom colors unchanged.  But you have to unlock armor and colors for that character separately from your multiplayer character.

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                      Wish that if you unlock it in MP it unlocks in snapmap.  That would get people to play more MP.


                      Also I would like an option to turn on player colors.  Yes it would be a huge nerf too my own ability too kill my enemy but I don't care.  I want too see everyone's shiny armor.  I play this game casually anyways.

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                        I was about to start a thread about this then found this one. This complaint is absolutely killing the game for me because I think about it every single round. Every single round that starts, I see all of us blue guys and I'm like, uuuuuuuggghhh wtf is the point of my custom skin?


                        It seems that everyone has forgotten that custom skins WERE a part of the matches during both betas, and they phukt this up in the final version for no reason. At absolutely no point during any match while playing the betas was I confused as to who to shoot at. Everyone's got glaring colored nametags above their heads, and that's all we need. I want this fixed RIGHT NOW. At least just an option to switch off team colors. How do they not even give us the option?


                        I'm gonna start this thread again in 3 weeks if they don't address this.

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                          You can see how the person who killed you customized their armor before you respawn.

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                            As TheFonger mentioned you can see the full armor set of the player who killed you.  I do find this to be very effective.  You can also make out the individual armor shapes of allies and opponents.  I find myself becoming familiar with the players in an individual game by the weapons they use and the general appearance of their armor.  The initial spawn-in is also a great opportunity to see your team's individual look.


                            You can also rest assured that I'm checking out your well-customized armors in the pregame lobby.  I hear lots of players compliment eachother on particularly awesome combinations. 


                            For whatever reason FFA isn't here now but it will make an appearance and you'll then be able to gib in your gaudy getups.  Until then customization still has plenty going for it.