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      This is a map that I have spent hours creating and scripting things like explosions and different queues. I have done many play tests and even find it enjoyable even though i know what's to happen around every corner.


      Snapcode for ARGENT ESCAPE: XGH2687N


      Map Description: You are called on a scout mission following many reports of Argent energy core failures. What you find is a little worse.


      It is a single or co-op play map. Demons have a fairly moderate difficulty and there is a boss at the end. The map is fairly small if I may say, but it was due to me being paranoid that if I make another room and script stuff into it and decorate it that I may hit MAX Network integrity. I really am hoping to make a sequel to it that will be longer since I plan for there to be less scripted events, but it depends on the response to this one.


      And any problems or suggestions can be put in this thread and I will tend to them as soon as possible. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!