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    I'm glad we can have all weapons on start


      Found out the other day, so can play mad run and gun maps for laughs.

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          It's so broken though, you end up having infinite ammo -- but having all the weapons really shows you how much more fun the game would be, and it still even plays fine on a controller.


          Absolutely no reason for the 2 weapon limit.  I think in the player loadout node, there should be an option that says "Enable Weapon Wheel = True/False"  and if "True" there should be an option to select how many weapon slots, from 1 - 8.  BFG and Chainsaw should still be face buttons with the wheel on, and we definitely should have pistol starts and individual ammo placements.


          Biiiig biiiig oversight here, and I don't really understand why.

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            I agree with this ^^


            However, oversight or not, I'm sure Bethesda / ID will be releasing plenty of updates for SnapMap with additional features over time. As much time and money they spent developing DOOM, I'm almost certain they will continue supporting the entire platform for years to come.

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              Ok, how to have all weapons? I'd rather have all weapons with unlimited ammo than stupid 2 weapon limitation.


              They just had to base Snapmap of Doom Multiplayer/Demo rather than campaign. And I'll complain about it until they change it . I want to have fun, but now me and all of my friends find it boring because of those bad design choices .

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                It definitely not perfect... there's no questioning that. I gripe with frustration at times given the current limitations of SnapMap... But the fact that Bethesda / ID even went out of their way to develop such an intuitive customization system, really says a lot. As far as I'm concerned, there are zero other console games that offer such dynamic levels of customization... it will only get better with time. Even PC gamers who are familiar with Full Mod support, I'm sure will at least find some level of satisfaction with the future possibilities of SnapMap.


                As much money and development time Bethesda / ID has already dumped into DOOM, while receiving critical acclaim upon release, I have faith they will diligently continue developing the entire platform.

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                  Player Input -> On Press [Player Input 1] -> Loadout -> Player Spawn = 2 weapons

                  Player Input -> On Press [Player Input 2] -> Loadout -> Player Spawn = 2 more weapons

                  Player Input -> On Press [Equipment] -> Loadout -> Player Spawn = 2 more weapons


                  So now when you press Q, you're granted loadout 1, when you press E you're granted Loadout 2, and when you press G you're granted loadout 3.  This means that if you have the following;


                  Loadout 1 Shotgun/Super Shotgun

                  Loadout 2 Plasma/Chain

                  Loadout 3 Rockets/Gauss


                  If you want to switch from Plasma to super shotgun, you have to press Q -> Switch Weapon [mouse wheel or Right Shoulder.]  This also means that everytime you switch loadouts you're granted full ammo.


                  And yeah I thought it would be worth it to have the infinite ammo, but it just destroys the gameplay, you end up just using the strongest weapon in the kit and just refreshing it's ammo infinitely, which defeats the purpose of multiple weapons.  It also can't be done to create PvP matches.


                  The other clear issue with this is, you have to assign them from player spawn and if you do pickup any weapons, when you switch between loadouts, it overwrites the weapons you picked up.


                  What this does prove though, is that there is absolutely no logical reason for limiting snap map to two weapons, since it works fine even on controllers, and it'd work better if we could enable the weapon wheel.  By extension, there is also no reason for not including the pistol or chainsaw, as well as there is also no reason in restricting ammo drops to all be universal ammo packs/boxes.  All three of these things limit the design of straight forward classic doom style maps and actually damage the gameplay therein.


                  If the weapon wheel is enabled, you should be able to enable weapon pickups on touch too without having to create ridiculous trigger boxes.

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                    Eh... ammo is universal because each box placed is still .15% network.  It adds up pretty damn quick actually.  While I'm not against individual ammo types being placeable, I think anyone that actually likes to detail their maps in props and hand placed enemies will find themselves forced to use generic ammo boxes.


                    Guns though?  Yeah, no good reason not to include the full weapon wheel, or the pistol (especially the pistol) or the chainsaw.

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                      Best way to get all weapons, it to use:


                      Player Input (switch weapon) > Sequencer > Inventory (give weapon)


                      add as many Inventory nodes as you want in what ever order you want.


                      set the Sequencer to to only output to one node at a time & change the game settings using the node to disable dropping weapons on pickup.

                      (or you will have a load of weapons on the floor lol)


                      only downside is you have infinit ammo, but at least you can cycle through all weapons.


                      also doing it this way means custom loadouts!

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                        You'll hit the object limit WAAAAAY before you hit the network limit on ammo boxes -- you can still supplement ammo boxes with generic packs that give all weapons ammo but smaller amounts -- and you can still give ammo out of custom crates in large quantities.


                        I currently built two levels in one level in snap map, I have Doom 1 E1M1 and when you hit the end level button it launches you into Doom 2 E1M1 and I've got the layouts almost perfect but I've added keys and force fields and made my own switches and it's really huge, honestly.  It'll take one player solo almost an hour to beat it and I'm not even close to maxing the network.  My object limit is hovering at 93% -- so I still even have overhead for more effects and props too.  Network is like 45% -- it's not even close to being a hindering factor [just like Demon %].  The only real limitation is objects.


                        Also, not every map made would have every weapon either, but a way to limit specific ammo types is necessary.  Currently if you have ammo drops on enemy kills your super weapons have infinite ammo.