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    Ai filter not working

      I'm building a survival map with currency and I am trying to give different currency depending on the enemy killed so I have

      1. I have an ai filter

      2. Linked to on killed

      2. Linked to five different ai filters (each one with different enemy's set as true)

      3. Each ai filter connects to an add player resource (all different amounts)

      4. Ending with a reference to my currency


      However something isn't working as I don't gain any currency at all


      I've had this working with

      1.ai proxy

      2.on killed

      3.add player resource

      4.reference money

      But It won't work with filters


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          The problem is the activator for your "on killed" part. If it's set to the player, it won't get through any of the AI filters because the game is looking at the player who did the kill, not the demon who just got killed. If it's set to the demon, the add player resource won't work because the game needs to know what player to add the resource to. I recommend doing two separate logic chains, one that determines which player had the last kill (the player being the activator for "on killed") , and one that adds currency to the player who got the last kill (the demon being the activator for "on killed"). If your map is single player, the first chain is unnecessary. Just make sure the player is the activator when doing "add player resource". You can do this by using the player as a cached object.


          Also, keep in mind that possessed scientists and possessed workers are currently bugged when it comes to AI filters. If negate is set to false, the possessed will always get through regardless of other settings, and if negate is set to true, they will never get through. So set all your AI filters to negate, delete the AI filter for the possessed, and subtract currency from every other add player resource to keep the values the same.