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    How to make a flickering light with random on/off?


      Pretty much what the title says, flickering lights/light that just dosnt go on and off but like flickers fast then stays on then flickers out yadda yadda. could someone send a screenshot with the setup if possible?

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          I was trying to do the same thing. I stumbled on a way by accident. I'll post the logic when I get home.

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            that's pretty easy:




            Activator is Game start in this case , but can be any other activator. In the Repeater Setting you can configure how fast the light flickers

            If you want a constant on/off  (for alarm lights maybe) instead of a random on/off than you have to take a sequencer instead of the randomizer


            you can also take the repeater out of this setup and link both outputs of the randomizer to itself and setup a delay. so the logic get's little bit "smaller"

            The advantage of the second method is, you can do one state a little bit more likely to happen.


            for example if you want the light to be ON a little bit more likely than to be OFF then just setup the delay off the output that turns the lights off to 0.1 seconds for example and the other one to 0.2 when you link them back to the randomizer

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              thanks bro, its going in now

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                *Metal Horns*

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                  Spieleabend, I tried to reproduce your method, and it didn't seem to work.


                  I stumbled onto a simpler way that produces random flickers:


                  flickering lights.jpg


                  You can adjust the time the light stays on by changing the Delay on the Repeater. More delay equals more time the light is on.


                  All other delays are set to 0.0, except the Disable delay, which is set to 1.0

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                    Here's a video tutorial on how to make a randomly flickering light for a decent effect.


                    Sourced from here: Flickering light tutorial - Doomworld Forums



                    - Hyp3rion

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                      Wow, that's a great video, thanks for doing it.

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                        nice video man, that's also a very good method to do a flickering light with a lot more possibilities to change settings. maybe i will take this into my tutorial map i am currently working at