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    Snap-map I'll show you mine if you show me yours!


      Snap-Map Share Thread


      Hello everyone! This is the Snap Map share post. The point of this post is to assist us all with getting views on our maps. In addition we can help learn from each other and get constructive feedback.


      The rules are simple and "Honor" based. Post your map as a reply here. Others can then play it and give you feedback. Once someone has played your map and posted feedback you should do the same for them. By doing this "Let's play each other's" we all get increased likes. Please do not dislike any of the maps posted here. We are all trying to get better. You can also go ahead and start playing maps you see posted and then they will play yours.


      List of Shared Participants: Snap map Show and Tell - Index


      To begin simply visit the shared participant list or just check the latest replies here. Once you play a map here post your feedback for the creator. If you are a creator and someone has played your map and given feedback, you should play their map and do the same when you are able.


      Also note, this is not a replacement for individual map threads. By all means you should still create a specific thread for your map - This is just a quick way for views and feedback.




      I will start with my map.


      Janitor vs Zombies




      Backstory: You are a lowly janitor working for the mysterious UAC corporation, in one of their fancy labs. Today is just a normal day like any other when disaster strikes. Suddenly you are thrust into a terrifying scenario of dark hallays, growls in the night and the terrifying prospect of realizing the only escape is through the mysterious labs. This is a zombie based map and will feel a lot like CoD zombies if you have ever played that.



      -Unique zombie style. Only the first three demons are used. They have much higher health and require 4 shotgun blasts and a glory to kill. Zombies kill the player in only 2 hits.


      -Full detailed settings. This map is very detailed with special effects including a small opening "scene". I put a lot of work into making you feel like it's a campaign and not just the same old maps.


      -Large back story. What is the Nirvana project? What went wrong? Why has everyone been turned to zombies? How can you escape and will the disease come with you? All these questions will be answered.


      Here are a couple screens:







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          Alright, I'm sharing mine then.


          Search for "Rookie bootcamp" or "nemox" and you should find mine.


          Basic key hunt with run and gun. Secrets sprinkled all over and the BFG requires a bit extra work to earn it. Might tweak generosity of drops depending on feedback. Let me know what you think

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            Cool! I was searching thread like this, and post my own in wrong place Post your map

            So, I think we should get a screenshots too

            Here are mine, just for second I'll try yours

            Here are mine:


            Dark death - only you, your super shotgun and powerfull mancubus into the heavy red mist! Very hard. Classic speed.



            Mancubus Boss coop - variation of the Dark death, but with all weapons and coop. Classic speed.



            Containment area DM - one module with maze of boxes, one super shotgun, classic speed.




            Containment area inv v.1.0 - variation of the Containment area DM - this time - 3 waves to fight coop with all guns.


            I forgot the tags , but you can find it by names


            Share with your maps and screenies

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              I've just try your map NemoX - it's great! Very nice gameplay and difficult Rate and downloaded!

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                I'll give those a try.


                Honestly my I'm not that happy with my map anymore. I don't think it's all that good now that I have had more practice but you can try it out and see what you think.


                Ill give yours a try and see what I think!



                Lets keep this thread going. If we can create a network with each other when we make good maps we can get lots of early likes and have a better shot at the top!

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                  I'll try your map for sure today

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                    don't let him fool you. his map is pretty challenging


                    Also, I uploaded not 5 minutes ago a version of my map with some (I hope) final tweaks so if you want to download it again you might benefit from the tweaks. Thanks for trying my map. I'm currently searching for yours to return the favor in kind


                    Also, I'm on ps4 and would love somebody willing to play test maps with me some times. I can play test solo but sometimes some issues and bugs are not apparent until there is a second player present and a fresh set of eyes is always welcome. Goes both ways if you need a beta tester

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                      Power to the portal done Very nice map! I like how you to use dangerous environment. Thx to bfg I kill baron on the  end


                      @NemoX ok then, let's try it again

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                        @Nemox - map done Still nice On a last red key when message appear on a hud there is default text of description. This time I found my favorite weapon super shotgun in a secret

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                          What do you mean last red key? the actual one or the fake one? what did the message say exactly? might help me find the error faster so I can fix it

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                            I'll show it on screenshots:


                            In properities of this objctive are "secondary text", and after killing this baron showed up this:


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                              Oh I see. Thanks I will fix it. Odd that it only showed up on the red card tho :s oh well

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                                I did my best to recreate E1M1 or "The Slipgate Complex" from Quake for my first map. The level, the enemies*, the secrets including a new one, the player movement, and a hub that lets you choose various difficulties all included. Double jump disables upon choosing difficulty. It is a bit easy on all difficulties due to enemies dropping unreasonable amounts of ammo but I suppose easy is the spirit of all e1m1s. I think this is the most accurate recreation of it anyone could make given the tools provided.


                                *Dogs have been replaced by zombies

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                                  Haha well I did love quake 3. That opening scene where your being turned into a cyborg.. Amazing and it stuck with me for years to come.


                                  Of course ill play your map tomorrow but like the title play mine too. I'll post my feedback.

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                                    Great maps Doom. Your first map is a bit too hard but I guess some people prefer a serious challenge. Your second map (actually the last one you listed above) was no joke. Great map but the entire time I just kept thinking what a pain in the ass placing all those crates must have been. You should try your hand at creating a multi-room map with a storyline.. You obviously have a knack at map making I'd love to see what you could come up with if you added a story as well.

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