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    How do I enable environmental damage?


      I'm attempting to make a continuous damage output on my players to go with the cold as hell template. I have a Hell Knight set to spawn with 1000% and to follow a AI Path onto a pressure pad that deals damage when the Hell Knight walks into it.  However, the damage doesn't transfer to the player, even with a player proxy enabled. Is it not possible to set continual damage or am I missing something here?

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          Here's how I would do this:


          First I would place a Repeater (under flow) and link it to a Player Iterator and an AI Iterator.

          Set the delay on the Repeater to how long in seconds before everything takes damage. Also set it's "infinitely repeat" property to true.


          From the Player Iterator, link to a player proxy and damage player.

          From the AI Iterator, link to an AI proxy and damage AI.


          Then when you want your enemies and players to start taking damage, just start the repeater, for example - when the game starts from a Map object, on match started, start the Repeater.

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            this is because the activator isn't the Player it is an Ai and an AI can't influence the Player Proxy because it awaits a Player as Input. Just use an

            Player Iterator between the Platform and the Player Proxy.


            The Disadvantage of an Player Iterator (and also AI Iterators) is that they affect ALL Players on the Map. If you want to hurt a specific Player. You have to store that Player in an Object at spawn and then put that object between the Platform and the Player Proxy


            Platform -> get -> stored Object (Player1 for example) -> if get -> Player Proxy (damage)