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    Stop Demons Attacking During Camera?

      Im trying to figure out a way to throw a cinematic camera shot into Play, but there will still be enemies in play when it happens.
      I need to find a way to stop the enemies from attacking during this Camera Break.


      I assume I need to make the enemies part of MY team during this, but I cant find a way to do so.
      Am I off base, or is there another method that should be used?



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          You are right on having them switch teams to stop attacking.  Whenever you have your certain event occur, have the selected demons change to Team "X" and that should solve your issue.  If you want them to attack again just make them switch back to their original team.


          Hope that helps,


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            OK well something is broken on the forum now, because I can only reply to myself.


            HmmNess I figured I had to switch their teams, but the catch here, is that Im not sure how to accomplish this.
            Do you have any suggestions?

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              Are you using individual spawns or the ai director? You can stop and pause the director which makes it a bit more flexible than some other spawns.

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                @ritalin: You need a trigger point for the team switch to occur.  Let me give you an example:


                On player spawn> link to> Teams and players (I forgot the actual module name)> link to> any demon you select.

                - or -

                On player entering box trigger> link to> Teams and players> link to> any demon you select.


                If you go checkout my map called DoomNess - Alpha 1.0 you will see that I have on player spawn the Demons switch to Team 2.  This stops the demons from attacking each other throughout the map when a Human Player is not is sight.