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    Setting up a sound to play for everyone BUT activator

      So you pick up the flag. I want it to play "You have the flag" for you, and "enemy has the red flag" for everyone else. I'm kind of at a loss though for triggering something to play for everyone but the activator themselves.

      It's a deathmatch style game, so team doesn't work. I don't know which one of the four players will be the one picking up the flag, so I don't know which to filter for at any given time, none of the players are demons either.

      Right now my working idea is to spawn everyone with a grey power core, and when you pick up the flag remove the power core from your inventory and give it back once you drop the flag or respawn. Then filter sounds for red flag and grey power core. That seems like a really sloppy work around though, so I'm hoping for something more elegant.

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          I don't know if this is any better than your proposed solution, but you could ...


          1. Store the activator player's number in a temp variable (Relay -> 4 output signals w/ Player Filters 1-4) -> Set integer 1 for p1, 2 for p2, etc.).

          2. Create a Sequencer with an output Signal for each player (1-4), connected in order, with a Play event. Use another Player filter for each to select who to play for. P1 plays P2, P3, P4, etc.

          3. Use the temp variable to Change Index on the sequencer to the correct output Signal, then Signal it.

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            Er, sorry you wouldn't use a second Player Filter in #2. And you could probably just skip the temp variable and go directly into the Sequencer from the Relay.