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    DoomNess - Alpha 1.0 Panic Map


      Hey all,


      I thought I would post about my new map in hopes that people will check it out.  I posted on the actual SnapMap Tools section, but later on found this section to proper showcase my maps.


      Search for: DoomNess - Alpha 1.0


      The goal of this map is to make players panic while completing objectives.  In Doom's single player campaign, you never feel rushed to complete objectives.  You simply clear a room and move to the next area to complete the objective without being bothered by demons.  In DoomNess, endless waves of demons attack you while you are completing objectives during the entire game (no breaks).


      The environment also changes as you complete objectives, forcing you to change your direction and use parkor to progress.  If anyone is up for the challenge, please check out DoomNess - Alpha 1.0 and let me know what you think about the map.  I will be working on DoomNess - Beta and will be using everything I have learned from snapmap thus far.


      P.S: Stay away from the fire...



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          I'd be down to try it if you are willing to also try mine and we give feedback to each other.


          Mine is solo story based.


          Let me know

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            @Jesric: Sounds good.  What is the name of your map so I can try it out?



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              Map ID is KJSPNDRB


              Name is "Janitor Vs Zombies".



              Ill try yours tomorrow and let you know how it goes!

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                This is a great map, guys. Play it.

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                  @Jesric: Just tested out your map and I like the progression of the story.  The smoke part was nice as well, keeping the zombies hidden from you until you were on top of them.  My only gripe is that the zombies are easy to dodge and you can skip through some parts of the level fairly easy.  All in all it looks good =)



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                    Alright Hmmness, I finally was able to play your map, a few times lol.


                    Great map and very insane. You did a great job with the layout of the building and making sure that the player could get to certain areas. There was certainly a flow to it and at the same time it was chaos. I quickly figured out that I wasn't going to be given health packs so for the big guys it was just run like hell.. I did not beat it but I will be trying again lol. I think I got pretty far my last run but I died when the three big ones all spawned together and cornered me at a dead end.


                    Awesome map though unique and not just the same boring wave-based map that I'm used to. You got my up vote!

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                      Thanks for the kind words Jesric!  I have started on DoomNess - Episode 1 which will be a campaign based group of SnapMaps with a little bit of story.  The flow of these episodes will be the same as the alpha version I published.



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                        I was just about to add that you should make some type of story mode. I like the style of your maps and you get the whole "atmosphere Is everything" approach.


                        Your fast pace running for your life actually gave me an idea on my next map for the player to get infected and be forced to run to a decontamination chamber while they take damage every 10 seconds and of course while fighting zombies.


                        Playing other maps really is the best way to draw inspiration and learn new tricks. I think Snap-Map is going to really grow and become what doom is known for.