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    Making certain players worth more points than others?


      I want to make a certain game mode, sort of like "demon tag", called Terminator (I think it's an old skulltag game mode)


      Players are spawned in as well as a terminator sphere. The terminator sphere is a custom resource.

      How can I make it so that the "Terminator", or the player who wields the terminator sphere is worth more points?

      And how can I make it so that the killer gets the points?

      (also worth noting, in case something messes up, the terminator sphere is dropped on death/respawned, so other players can get it)

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          This is a really tricky proposition that requires a little fenaggling. Basically there's a problem where your signalling entity is going to be the one dying. Well in order to give additional points, or to limit something to a particular player, the one sending the signal needs to be the killer, that way you have a precise indication of who to give it to. This knowledge might help you figure it out yourself, but I'll see if I can solve it in my test lab. I've had to deal with similar issues pertaining to AI, which is a bit different. Will get back to you if I figure it out.

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            I may have a solution, but I have no idea if it works or not, I'd like to test it, but there's no bot support or anything unless I publish.
            What I did was whoever picks up the resource is set to a cached object, this reverts on death, I added in some filters on a player proxy, so that once they are killed, any player and not the cached object gets the score bonus.


            Do you think this logic chain would work for what I'm aiming for?


            Actually, thinking about this, I don't think it will work, I'm really not sure.

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              I think you're on the right track there. I haven't used Cached Objects yet so I'll give that a look when I get off work this afternoon.

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                A slight tweak of my original solution. (This isn't gonna work either, just as I thought it could be the solution.)

                Whoever gets the sphere becomes the terminator, he's a cached object. Then once he is killed, the killer temporarily becomes another cached object, this reverts 0.1 seconds after the terminator is killed. Then the filters will become set only to the killer getting the points.



                The problem here is this applies to anyone that gets killed.



                I need to somehow make a player proxy filtered to the terminator only. Maybe if I make a gate, anyone who gets killed AND the victim has the resource of the terminator sphere, then the killer gets the additional points.



                Seeing as when the terminator dies, he spends the resource, so if the resource spent is successful, then the killer gets the additional points.


                Once any player is killed, the killer becomes cached for 0.1 seconds.



                This might be the solution this time, I can't think of any errors in this logic chain just yet. Though thinking about it, I don't really need a terminator cached object, it doesn't seem to affect anything.

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                  Try putting each player on their own team.  You will have 4 teams and when someone becomes the terminator, you now have a reference point to his team.