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    How do you force demons to fight each other?


      I know there must be some way, as people have made MOBA and PokeMon style gameplay, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

      Unfortunately, I'm away from my desktop on a trip so I can't actually fiddle with it. It may be obvious, but I don't remember seeing a way to do this. I have started demon fights accidentally by spawning a bunch of demons alone in a locked room (they seemed to start attacking each other if I didn't open the door right away), so it may be that simple. There was also some fire in the room that I'd set to only do damage to players, but perhaps there was an object I missed and that set them off?


      I'm working on a mission where the only way to advance is to exploit scripted environmental hazards to kill or quarantine demons. I was thinking of having a weapons test chamber, but since I can't just rig and fire actual weapons I was thinking of closing in a Cacodemon out of sight and having it spawn and fire superpowered fireballs at demons.


      Any ideas? The first thing I'd try (after double checking the logic options) would be spawning the demon with some low-damage fire underneath it and see if that works; my theory is that non-player damage might make them switch targets.