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    Community Chest (Not to be confused with Community Map)


      The concept for the Community Chest is to give everyone involved a limited quantity of the resources on a map, and see what they can do with extreme restrictions. They will form "Micromaps" which each showcase another unique vision from a different creator without any real connection between them thematically or plot wise. There are no limits to your options, only the total size you can use. This will be largely reliant on the total number of participants of course, but say we have 10 participants, then each one would be allowed 10% of the total map resources (Network, Objects, Memory, Demons) to do whatever they desire! Then, when their portion is finished, you coordinate with the next contributor to upload for them and unpublish when they have it so that the project remains as unseen as possible until release.


      So, if you are interested, simply post below letting me know and I will add you to the list! I will be randomizing everyone's position in production when our tally is finalized so no one will get priority based on quickness or existing maps.


      1. NecrumWarrior

      2. NemoX

      3. Jesric

      4. HmmNess

      5. Pvt_WarBear

      6. EagerBRUNDLEFLY

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          I like this idea as well.

          Both Jesric 's story oriented and yours showcase oriented.


          With how much snap map is restricted however and taking in consideration how many resources the modules themselves take, I would like to suggest limiting the amount of people per collaboration to maybe 6 people. That way everyone gets at least 16% which is still restrictive, but not constrictive and leaves a 4% for buffer. If more people want in, we can then make a second project. But that's just a suggestion. It's your idea, so we go with whatever you decide

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            I'd be down with either way of doing it. You can put me down but I'm starting another map so it will be a little bit beore imports ready.

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              Not a bad suggestion. I want to sorta gauge interest first before establishing a second map project.

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                Sounds like a good idea, but who will manage the map as a whole?  Also, how much time would one have on creating their portion of the map?



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                  Sounds like a good idea, but who will manage the map as a whole? 


                  How about whoever starts it? And there could be more than one going around.


                  Also, how much time would one have on creating their portion of the map?


                  Until the next guy in line bugs the crap outta them?

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                    Dangit Warbear!  You are too logical...

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                      you say that like it's a bad thing lol. You asked after all, he just answered

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                        Yer I'm up for that. It would help to implement some mild structure i.e a direction marine is stuck needs to get through 3 doors and boss battle, just so there is some synergy between each persons area, plus it would help brake up each section that needs doing. And give a goal for the person working on it at the time. I do see it getting messy especially if people don't work with tidy code and strings. But I think it would be interesting to see what pops up.

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                          Well the way I'm trying to set it up now is to have a Hub room that can access any of the MicroMaps in any order. I think giving direction of any kind beyond this would defeat the purpose. If you want order that's what Community Map is for. This is for extreme building with limited resources, and giving everyone the same type of area would get boring. The limitation is bad enough with the small amount of resources you would get.

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                            The way I see it 5 people to a map each gets 17% to play with leaving a buffer for 1% for each player and 10% for level and player vitals. Each player creates a section that on entry goes into lock down. the player then has to complete the area( basically each room is a chest) once the player has accomplished what ever is held in the chest lock down ends and they are free to move to the next one. Don't look at this as structuring gameplay but as structuring the final product each chest would be individual. With out some form of base line structure that each designer follows this won't work.