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    Bug(?): Random relay can sometimes double-over with multiple signals.


      I've been testing out a disappearing platform mechanic using a random relay, this is tied to a boss fight.

      Basically, when the boss reaches a certain health limit, the random relay is given a higher signal count.

      Enabling choose unique outputs and reset signaled outputs works for the most part, but if your signal count is more than 1, when the signaled outputs are reset, it has a chance to signal an already signaled object.

      IE: Signal count is 5, there are 9 platforms, the random relay selects platforms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on the first signal, then platforms 6, 7, 8, 9 and 9 again on the second signal.


      I get why it happens, it's just a bit irritating, hopefully this gets fixed.

      (Side note: I wish there were a way to cache player blocked volumes and use them as a filter.)

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          It's working the way it should. It only makes sense to use unique if you have 10 platforms, or some other multiple of 5 since your output count is 5. What do you want to happen? Select a random 5, then select the remaining 4 on the next signal? If that's the case, there are several ways to get that going. If you just want random selection then the way to fix is to not have it set to unique, and no need to reset.


          How would you use a player-blocking volume as a filter? I'm not quite understanding the situation since you can't pick up a player-blocking volume.

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            Even with choose unique and reset signal disabled, it's still doubling-over its signal at times. What I want to happen is always select 5 platforms when signaled (the platforms reappear after a while), but in some instances it just decides to double-over a signal or two, only selecting 4 or so platforms rather than the 5 I asked it to.


            It's a probability thing, only 3 of 9 blocks are highlighted even though the signal count is 4, eventually the signal decides to double-over.


            And to reword my side note, I mean setting a player-blocking volume as a cached object and then using the cached object as a filter.

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              Oh Ok... Now I get what you are saying, and with testing, I get what you mean. In this case you do want to set it as unique with output count of 5, but you have to trigger a reset of the count externally either right before you signal the relay or right after you signal the relay. At the same time of resetting the counts, you should also reset the states of the platforms.
              I have an easy to follow working example... MAP ID: WZFYTCGT (only temporary... taking it down in a couple days.)


              I still don't get what you are saying about using a player-blocking volume as a filter. How is a player going to carry a player-blocking volume for it to work as a filter, cached or not?

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                Alright, cool, I never really explored inputs for random relays, but it just seems sloppy, enabling choose unique outputs should pretty much do the exact same thing.


                The current system I have for this platform dropping mechanic is messy, I've pretty much repeated the same logic chain over for every block, it would be much easier to be able to use one logic chain, identify which platforms are going to drop via cached object, then run the logic chain and identify which platforms to drop by checking to see which ones are the cached objects using a filter. But from what I've seen, there's no cached object filter.

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                  What do you mean by platform dropping? Is it like an animation where the top block disappears, as the block below it appears, then that disappears and then next one appears and so on?

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                    Platforms drop/disappear, it's 3x3, single layer

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                      So it's basically the same thing as before, except this time you want to be able to specify exactly which ones to drop instead of randomly selected?
                      Currently how large are these logic chains attached to each block to control the appearing and disappearing?

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                        I've republished MAP ID: WZFYTCGT
                        In the back of the room, there is now a 3x3 set of volumes that you can control with the panel.
                        It uses a string variable to determine which blocks to hide and disable. As an example. Using the panel changes the string with 3 presets.

                        string 2468 will drop platforms 2, 4, 6, 8 (and so will 8246... the order doesn't matter)

                        string 13579 will drop platforms 1,3,5,7,9

                        and so on.
                        Using this system, you can have the string change to anything you want. You could even use "build" on the string variable to update the string on the fly depending on other variables.