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    [WIPz] Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)



      Fallout 4 runtime 1.7.22:

      The Fallout 4 Script Extender, or F4SE for short, is a modder’s resource that expands the scripting capabilities of Fallout 4. It does so without modifying the executable files on disk, so there aren’t any permanent side effects.

      This release contains alpha support for Papyrus. Functionality may change at any time, things may be broken.



      • support for runtime 1.7.22


      • support for runtime 1.7.19


      • support for runtime 1.7.15
      • fixed papyrus complex parameter type setup
      • internal papyrus function calls


      • support for runtime 1.7.12


      • support for runtime 1.7.10


      • fixed a crash on savegame load


      • support for runtime 1.7.9
      • plugin serialization interface
      • plugin delete message


      • support for runtime 1.6.9
      • alpha papyrus support (see scripts for details)


      • support for beta runtime 1.6.3
      • papyrus mostly done, papyrus plugin API added as WIP, not hooked up yet


      • support for runtime 1.5.416


      • support for runtime 1.5.412
      • improved version check messages (hopefully)


      • support for runtime 1.5.307


      • support for beta runtime 1.5.210
      • more internal decoding
      • start of papyrus, 1.5.210 came out at a bad time


      • support for beta runtime 1.5.205


      • support for beta runtime 1.5.157


      • support for beta runtime 1.5.154


      • support for beta runtime 1.5.151


      • support for beta runtime 1.5.147
      • DataLoaded, PreSaveGame/PostSaveGame/PreLoadGame/PostLoadGame plugin messages
      • more internal class decoding


      • support for beta runtime 1.5.141
      • more internal class/global/etc decoding
      • exposed scaleform registration interface


      • support for runtime 1.4.132
      • more internal class decoding


      • support for beta runtime 1.4.131
      • more internal class decoding


      • support for beta runtime 1.4.125
      • internal tools updates
      • more internal class decoding (inventory, input, netimmerse skin)


      • support for beta runtime 1.3.47
      • initial game menu support and utilities
      • more internal class decoding


      • support for beta runtime 1.3.45

      • enable logging from scaleform.

        add bEnableGFXLog=1 to the [Interface] section of your f4se.ini. create it if it doesn’t exist.

      • hook global scaleform tint functions to allow interface mods to selectively modify tint colors/intensities

      • initial scaleform native plugin API

      • more internal class decoding


      • support for beta runtime 1.2.37


      • support for beta runtime 1.2.33
      • more internal class decoding


      • fixed crash when resetting keybindings from ui


      • everything

      • plugin manager

      • simple hooks for papyrus, scaleform, and the classic script system, but nothing useful for modders yet

      • customization of internal keymappings

        Copy CustomControlMap.txt to Data\F4SE\CustomControlMap.txt.

        Edit that file to set your bindings. The format is the same as Skyrim, it’s a space-separated file.

        The first column is the name of the internal keybind. The second column is the keyboard scan code that should activate the bind in hex, or 0xFF if unbound. Use google to find a table of scan codes. The third column is for mice, the fourth for controllers. The next three columns control whether or not a control should be written to the user’s config file. The final column specifies which input layer the bind is associated with - you will probably not want to change that.

      • currently-installed version of F4SE is shown in the Settings menu next to the game version

      • running GetF4SEVersion from the console will print the current version as well

      • log spam is written to My Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\

        • 1.

          Thanks for the Beta update, but isn't modding blocked on Beta, or is it just the survival mode?

          • 2.

            Thanks for the update! I was wondering why there was nothing yet on the old forum, then I finally realized that we can't post there anymore, and I thought to check your web page. Did anything change in the CustomControlMap file?


            The new beta does block mods from loading, but there is a work-around that's been posted on Nexusmods. There are links to it in a few modding-related threads in the Survival Beta forum section.

            • 3.

              Shouldn't the website point to Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)  rather than Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) 


              I think the offset for Runtime_DynamicCast_Internal should be 0x027EB212 rather than 0x027A7B22.


              Also the offset for g_dataHandler seems strange to me.

              • 4.

                Fixed the website link, force of habit when typing.


                Runtime_DynamicCast_Internal is pointing at 0x027EB212 for runtime 1.5.141 (release 0.1.9). g_dataHandler looks fine as well. Are you lookng at the right game executable?

                • 5.

                  Looks like I missed one file while merging 1.09 with my modified copy of 1.08. Sorry.

                  For g_dataHandler, its just that I am not seeing any reference to it which seemed strange to me.

                  • 6.

                    Thanks for getting a 1.5.147 version out. I wouldn't blame you guys if you wanted to wait until a stable release before doing a new F4SE, but since I test all the public betas, I appreciate the effort.

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                    • 7.


                      • 8.

                        I see you guys did a new version for 1.5.154... Unfortunately, Bethesda released 1.5.157 a few hours after 154 to fix a bug.

                        • 9.

                          Does version 1.5.157 work with the newest update? Thanks in advance

                          • 10.

                            Doesn't work at .157, "Stop Responding" error

                            • 11.

                              Have crash game when using the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) Fallout 4 beta runtime 1.5.157 (is the last new update)bandicam 2016-04-30 17-10-03-395.jpgbandicam 2016-04-30 17-09-55-286.jpg

                              • 12.

                                I am using the latest F4SE along with several F4SE mods with no issues.  It would help if those screens were translated to English to see the actual error.

                                • 13.



                                  Not trying to seems impatient or anything, but would you guys be able to pull out a beta with just basic user input events (OnKey/Control Down/Up) ? The number of mods relying on favorited items as workaround is growing , and there is only 12 slots in the fav menu.

                                  Just asking because since you already managed to set the CustomControlMap most of the pre-requisite to add those seems to be already here.

                                  • 14.

                                    You didn't do a good enough job hiding the files in your game directory or their paths, and it's still obvious that you're trying to use F4SE on a pirated copy of the game.


                                    That will never work. Stop trying.

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