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    The map I made that broke SnapMap


      Welp, I quit making maps until I can figure this bug out. No point in wasting time when you get an error like this after doing nothing super fancy:


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          Happens to me all the time. If it's not that, it's other things, like floating doorways in space, doors and other logic objects that suddenly stop being clickable. The only thing you can do is make several backups as you are working. I have yet to make a decent map that doesn't break.

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            It isn't your map. I get the same error. I have several maps in limbo because I either can't upload them, or the logic doesn't work like it should.

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              Well, looking at your map I would try to change one thing and I don't know if this will make any difference, but it is worth a shot.  I see that some of your logic is inside of the walls or outside of the play area.  I would recommend you move that logic inside of the play area or create an empty room to place all of your logic inside.  SnapMap might require objects and logic to all be inside of a module in order for the map to function properly.



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                I tried deleting chunks of the map. Same problem. I am able to publish an older version that was only a few hours behind.

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                  I have found that once a map file starts having problems like this there is no way to reverse it. You can delete everything, and things will seem find at first when you add stuff back in, but problems will come back eventually. It is almost like there are residual objects being left behind when you delete or undo and they no longer can be referenced. A sign of this happening shows itself in the variables. If you go to add a variable and you see in the list of variables some that are no longer used still show up there, your map is sick with this disease. You can select one of these ghost variables, add it to the map, then delete it... then it will be gone. You can do this for all ghost variables, but this isn't enough to clear the corruption in the file.