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    Add more challenges to Snap Map


      It would great to add more challenes based on the map type for example:


      Complete different 5 survival maps

      Complete different 10 survival maps

      Complete different 25 survival maps

      up to 50 or 100


      Completing 100 survival maps would unlock chainsaw in snap map for example. You need to survive for at least 3 or 5 minutes to get complete this challenge.


      Survive 1-5 waves of demons on 5-50 different maps


      to unlock berserk power up


      Kill 100+ demons in one match with a chaingun to unlock the turret MOD

      Same with other weapons.


      Kill 15-50 Boss (demons) on 10-25 different maps to unlock each tier of campaign bosses


      Kill 15-100 demons as a demon to unlock:


      - Revenant demon rune - 15 demons

      - Mancubus demon rune - 50 demons

      - Hunter demon rune - 100 demons


      Complete 250 different snap maps and leave a vote to unlock:


      - OFFLINE BOTS and private custom matches. Same thing could be done with multiplayer, but there you would have to just reach level 25 for example...


      Kill 100 possessed workers or scientists to increase the total amount of workers or scientists spawned at once to 24 for example (if possible).




      Completing each map would also give you minimum 1000 Snap Map points up to 50.000 - 50 maps or 100.000 for completing 100 different maps based on the challenges.


      You could also allow snap points to buy more "room" map modules, large props, sounds, music, textures for player blocking volume, a new demon blocking volume, more weapon options like fire rate speed, ammo capacity on each weapon, projectile type, damage per weapon, explosion radius and damage for rocket launcher and grenades, but for a much highier price (min 5000 snap points up to 25.000)


      Another thing would be "forcing" players to leave a vote after either completing or just leaving a game (Esc button wouldn't work, you would have leave a vote)... This way you won't have a situation where you have more 1000+ on played and 100 or less up or down votes...