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    Is This a Satire Website?

      First off, this is my first dicussions questions ever, so hi! I've been an avid Elder Scrolls fan for 6 years. I have been since Oblivion came out. I even went back and played Morrowind.


      'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date, news, update, rumors: Next game installment will take time to finish; Bethesda now w… https://play.spotify.com/album/0gAhBCBqahVbuOgROHwISD

      Is this some type of satire website? I mean, Skyrim 2? Don't they know the progression of the Elder Scrolls series? I swear...

      I wish I could be a journalist writing about the Elder Scrolls upcoming games. That'd be more productive then this link's guy.