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    Since Bethesda/id won't do anything, I will. AVOID [snip].

      Note: This was originally recorded on my phone, and I removed my own audio (to be as objective as possible).

      His name is [snip] If you see him in game, leave. Find a new game. If you see him multiple times in a short period, just stop playing for a while. His peak hours are during prime time (7pm to 9pm).


      Here's an explanation of what he's doing, and how he's doing it: He's using a cheat program called Wallhax. It has a whole bunch of togglable features built in, and one of those features is "infinite ammo." That feature exists because of the game's own, built-in hack module - "infinite ammo." I assume  the cheat simply tells the server that the player has that hack module active, and the server doesn't know any better. As it turns out, the infinite ammo cheat also applies to the map-spawned super weapons (The Gauss Cannon, the BFG, and the Chainsaw). [snip] will, typically, wait for the map-spawned weapon to spawn, and then simply kill as many people as he can, as quickly as possible. He is also very likely using the ESP hack built into Wallhax, though honestly at this point... it's irrelevant: He's already won, by this point.


      That all being said, this last piece of the post is directed at Bethesda/id: The mods here have told us to "tell the guys at (vendor name)" about cheaters. Representatives for Steam have told players that "cheaters in DOOM are not our problem - they're the developers problem." So, to anybody who has any ability/authority at Bethesda/id to act, here is my evidence, and here's the name of the person cheating. Do something about it. Everybody paid their fair share to play this game, and it's absurd that you refuse to dirty your hands with sorting out cheaters. So, pretty please with little cherries on top, fix the problem and start banning cheaters. Or, encrypt your network traffic so Wallhax stops working. Sorry for the rant, and thanks. Also, I'll be taking bets on how fast my post gets taken down.


      Edit #1: This thread's reached over 2,000 views, making it the 4th most-viewed thread on the DOOM forum; Spread awareness about this guy. Bring him up in pubs, and tell other people to avoid him. If there's anybody at id/Bethesda watching this thread, I'm still waiting for an answer.


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          yeah saw him yesterday


          another tips


          you can report him for violation of cheating, if you click on his profile and select report violation

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            This guy's been going strong for a month... can't believe he's still at it,

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              AtomicUs5000 kinshinchi


              Yep - it's absolutely absurd. It's only been a couple hours, but I'm eager to see exactly how reps from either id or Bethesda will handle this post. They have policies against "name and shame" posts, but this guy has been aggressively cheating for months, and now I have hard, clear-as-day evidence of this persons cheating.


              I'm hoping they'll see it, review it, and actually ban him... provided their game actually has a method for banning players put in place. Part of me suspects that the game studio who built the multiplayer functionality didn't actually incorporate any way to ban players, which might explain why there's been no communication from id or Bethesda on the subject.

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                bethesda and id don't ******* care about us.

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                  he show up last night


                  went for 3-2 first on DOM, I guess forgot to turn on his cheat


                  Next thing he went on 37 straight kills without death


                  then log off

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                    Another day passes I guess, where id/Bethesda doesn't give a ****. It must be pretty great life, having all this responsibility to not give a **** about!

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                      Yes. I saw him too the other day. Had to leave the game... :/

                      Ban the cheaters already!!!

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                        this makes me so god damn agressive! idsoftware ******* do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                          We're closing this thread and removing some of the information from the original post because it is considered naming and shaming which is against theBethesda Official Forum Rules


                          I also want to assure you that we will investigate this matter thoroughly and your information is appreciated. In the future you are welcome to send a private message to any of the forum moderators and we will make sure to pass the information along to the appropriate team.