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    Vulkan Now Available - FAQ


      Vulkan support is now live for DOOM on PC. Below are some frequently asked questions, along with links to download the most recent drivers. Please also note that Steam controller support has also been included in this patch, so we've included some FAQs relating to it below as well.


      Please be sure to update your drivers to these new versions as they are required for Vulkan:


      NVIDIA: 368.69 - Download the latest NVDIA drivers here.


      AMD: 16.7.2 - Download the latest AMD drivers here.





      What is Vulkan?

      Vulkan is a revolutionary graphics and compute API technology developed by the Khronos Group that allows game developers to interact with graphics hardware at a lower level, allowing for more efficient use of hardware, improving game performance.


      On DOOM, Vulkan allows PC users to experience significant performance boosts on supported GPUs and CPUs, translating directly to better gameplay feel.


      Most users on the minimum spec end of hardware will experience better performance at higher video settings.  Users whose have recommended or above specs will experience exceptional performance with DOOM’s advanced video settings cranked up to full effect.


      We’ll continue to work with AMD, NVIDIA and the Khronos Group to unlock the Vulkan API’s full potential through idTech 6, giving DOOM PC players a gameplay experience unlike anything else.  Stay tuned for more updates.

      For additional information on the Vulkan API, please visit the following links.






      How do I get the Vulkan API?

      DOOM Vulkan support will be enabled via a patch that goes live on Steam at 10:00am ET on Monday, July 11th, 2016. Vulkan will not run properly without updating to the latest unified drivers from AMD and NVIDIA for supported GPUs.


      For more information on drivers, see the article below:



      How do I get DOOM to run on the Vulkan API?

      When launching DOOM from Steam, you’ll be prompted with a new menu to choose either OpenGL or Vulkan. To play with Vulkan, select the second menu option. You can also switch between OpenGL and Vulkan in game via the Settings > Advanced > Graphics API options menu. The game will restart whenever you switch between OpenGL and Vulkan.



      Does my graphics card support Vulkan?

      If your graphics card meets the DOOM minimum requirements, it likely supports* Vulkan, but you’ll need the correct version of your GPU drivers in order to take advantage.


      *Vulkan is not currently supported on NVIDIA GPUs with 2 GB of RAM on Windows 7 or on the GTX 690.  Users with these GPUs need to run DOOM on the OpenGL graphics API.


      For more information on drivers, see the article below:



      Does Vulkan support change DOOM’s minimum PC specs?

      The minimum PC specs for DOOM remain the same.



      Does DOOM automatically have uncapped framerate when running on Vulkan?

      To enable uncapped framerate, Vertical Sync needs to be disabled via the in-game (Video settings) options.



      Does DOOM support asynchronous compute when running on the Vulkan API?

      Asynchronous compute is a feature that provides additional performance gains on top of the baseline id Tech 6 Vulkan feature set.

      Currently asynchronous compute is only supported on AMD GPUs and requires DOOM Vulkan supported drivers to run.  We are working with NVIDIA to enable asynchronous compute in Vulkan on NVIDIA GPUs. We hope to have an update soon.

      Click here for additional information on asynchronous compute.


      How do I enable the Steam controller when playing DOOM?

      Once DOOM is loaded, the title will automatically detect the presence of the Steam controller and adapt controls and button prompts to match. No additional configuration is needed to use the default controller profile.





      What do I do if I get an error stating “Currently your game purchase cannot be re-validated successfully” when trying to launch DOOM?

      This issue can occur when a game on Steam is launched repeatedly over a certain period of time. If you have been repeatedly switching between Vuklan API and OpenGL in DOOM, you may experience this error message.


      If you receive this error, you should contact Steam Support here. To avoid this issue in the future, we recommend you limit how often you switch between Vulkan and OpenGL when playing DOOM


      DOOM crashes as soon as the game starts when running Vulkan on the NVIDIA  GTX 690.

      The NVIDIA GTX 690 is not currently supported to run Vulkan on DOOM.  Users   with this GPU will need to run the game on OpenGL .



      DOOM crashes, is stuck on a black screen at launch or exhibits severe graphical corruption on supported NVIDIA GPUs that have 2GB VRAM when running Vulkan on Windows 7.

      DOOM running Vulkan is not currently supported on NVIDIA GPUs with 2 GB of RAM on Windows 7.  Users with these GPUs need to run DOOM on the OpenGL graphics AP



      Performance may suddenly decrease when entering Object Mode in the SnapMap editor while running the Vulkan API.

      If this issue occurs, exiting Object mode back to Blueprint mode, before going back into Object Mode may correct the issue. If the problem persists, we recommend you run the SnapMap editor on OpenGL (you’ll still be able to play your maps on Vulkan).



      While running the Vulkan API, DOOM crashes when taking a screenshot using the Steam overlay on AMD GPUs.

      This is a known issue with Vulkan API and AMD GPUs.



      The game may crash on some AMD GPUs when locking the computer.

      This is a known issue while running DOOM on the Vulkan API.



      While running the Vulkan API on an NVIDIA GTX 970, strange black checkering or primarily black screens appear after changing resolution or display mode settings.

      Graphical corruption may occur after resizing the game window while in windowed mode, and then switching the display mode from windowed to full screen.  If this occurs, restarting the game application should correct the issue.



      Launching SnapMap may take longer on the Vulkan API.

      It may take longer for some users to launch SnapMap on Vulkan than it does on OpenGL.



      Some AI pathing issues may exhibit on SnapMaps while running the Vulkan API.

      We are currently investigating a fix for this to include in an upcoming patch.



      Windows 10 users running OpenGL or Vulkan on the AMD R9 Fury X znd R9 390X at 1080p or higher may experience framerates below 60 FPS with Vertical Sync enabled.

      While we are working on a fix for this with AMD, affected users should run the game with Vertical Sync disabled.



      When using the Steam controller, why can’t I rotate the automap with the right trackpad?

      This is a known issue with the Steam Controller. An alternate control method can be used to rotate the map in the automap interface.



      Vertical Sync seems to re-enable itself after restarting the game while using Vulkan graphics API

      Some NVIDIA users will see that Vertical Sync is re-enabled after they restart the game using the Vulkan graphics API. The workaround is to disable V-Sync manually again after the game restarts in Vulkan mode.

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          I'm ecstatic for the Vulcan API support! Thanks for making an already excellent game even better and offering continued support! More frames per second in an already well optimized engine is gonna be nuts. Big ups to ID Soft!
          Thx JLeavey

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            Maxed out 144 fps with Vulkan on my monitor with a 980, really good performance boost with Vulkan.

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              I got a GTX 1080 and have significantly less fps on Vulkan. I updated my NV driver to the one you recommended (clean install), tried loading a few checkpoints on OpenGL, then changed to Vulkan, let the game restart and checked the difference. For example, there is one point in VEGA where i get exactly 100 frames on Vulkan, but 130 after switching back to OpenGL. But it's not just that one scene. On OpenGL, I get around 130-200 fps while playing, with rare drops below 100. On Vulkan, It's about 80-140 and I only reach 200fps if I look straight into the ground. My game is maxed out and I didn't change anything else. I also read the FAQ but I didn't see anything I've done wrong. Is this supposed to be normal?


              Full specs:

              i7-5820K @ 3,3 ghz (boost @ 3,6 ghz)

              Gigabyte X99-UD4 Mainboard

              16GB DDR4 RAM @ 2400 mhz

              Inno3D GTX 1080 @ 1733 mhz, 8 GB


              Asus VG236 23" TFT @ 1920x1080, 120 hz

              Samsung 850 EVO SSD, 500 GB


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                Awesome. DX12 and its console like exclusivity must be destroyed.

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                  Vulkan = SLI support or not?


                  Anyone know?

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                    On my PC the game is unable to load when Vulkan is selected in the graphics config.  I'm running the current NVidia drivers and the latest version of the game.  I start up the game, go into the graphics options and select Vulkan.  The game says it needs to restart and I hit OK, and after that nothing happens.  I can try to start the game manually through Steam or via the desktop shortcut, but it does not load and shows no errors.  If I go to the DOOM game folder and double click on the DOOMx64vk.exe it says vulkan-1.dll is missing from my system.  I've confirmed that that DLL is not present, and I've reinstalled my graphics drivers twice.  I also tried it once while my Anti-Virus was disabled, again with no luck.  Any ideas??

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                      I'm in the same situation as you DarthRogue, as are others. Something in common with our configs... out of curiosity, are you on any of the following: Windows 10, nVidia card in general, GeForce GTX 1070/1080, GSync monitor, high refresh rate monitor ? I am curious if maybe we have some common link.


                      I have a support request in with Bethesda. Until the dust settles you can restore DOOM to work by disabling Vulkan and returning to OpenGL as the rendering API.



                      Navigate to config file:



                      C:\Users\<YOURNAME>\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base\DOOMConfig.local



                      Edit line:



                      r_renderAPI "1"






                      r_renderAPI "0"

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                        I'm running Windows 10 x64 Professional.  A GTX970 video card with latest 368.69 drivers and an Acer Predator G-SYNC monitor. 

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                          Running a GTX 1070 Founders Edition on Windows 10, on a standard 1080p/60fps monitor, and same for me; less FPS with Vulkan enabled (turned vsync off to test the framerates). My guess would be it's the same deal as with DX12; nVidia supports async compute through the drivers, rather than having it on the actual GPU, so performance ends up suffering rather than improving.

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                            Did some tests with multiple gpus, SLI on and off on nvidia panel. No luck, i believe there's no multiple gpu support yet.


                            OpenGL still better for SLI.

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                              That's what I'm seeing as well  :  (    Half baked Vulkan support....  Will stick with openGL


                              I have 1080's FE in sli

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                                JLeavey  I have problem with multiplayer mode + vulkan.

                                after patch i can't load multiplayer mode it crashes always with vulkan api mode, I can't reach even the Menu.  Single player is wonderfull it works like a charm.

                                Please bethesda help me to fix this problem for multiplayer mode, I have a gtx 1070 with last Nvidia driver 368,69 on windows 7 64 bit

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                                  Vulkan does not work with the custom launch parameters that i was using to get 144hz refresh rate and v-sync.


                                  The old parameters that cause the issue were                   +vt_MaxPPF 128 +vt_pageImageSizeVmtr "16384" +vt_pageImageSizeVmtrUnique 16384 +r_displayRefresh 144


                                  To get 144hz with v-sync with vulcan all that is needed is  +r_displayRefresh 144


                                  Also I get worse performance in vulkan with the 980m

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                                               I still didn't get vulkan patch update on steam,why?I am from Asia.

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