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    Module Atmosphere Change


      I know this has been requested before, but I'm just throwing it out there again for visibility's sake.


      I'd really like a way to change a Module's Atmosphere on-the-fly, such as sending an input to a Module node to Change Atmosphere.  Atmospheres are so important for establishing mood and, well, atmosphere, that giving mappers control of it would be very useful.  There are a number of situations where this would be useful:


      • I overload a machine and the whole map turns orange from the heat.
      • I remove a power core and the lights go dark.
      • I install a power core and now an area has meaningful light.
      • I make a hot room cold or a cold room hot.
      • A lockdown occurs and the room tints red to signify danger.
      • A boss shows up and a room tints further red to heighten the sense of tension.
      • Toxic gas fills a room.
      • Module-wide light pulsing effects like in Doom 1.
      • Grab a key, surprise, the lights go out and Demons spawn.


      Seeing as the Atmospheres aren't really baked into the level - you can see an adjacent Module with the current Module's Atmosphere before you walk into it - it feels to me like this should be a fairly straightforward thing.  Of course, I am not a programmer, but this is one of the more peculiar omissions from SnapMap and I was surprised that it wasn't added in the last patch, given that I've seen it requested several times from various people.

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          Agreed 100%. Would love to see this happen.

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            Agreed. Heck, just being able to turn the lights on and off would be a MAJOR addition.

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              Correct me if I am wrong but isn't "I install a power core and now an area has meaningful light." basically already possible?


              Set the room module to Dark or Night, set up the power core station so that it is linked to the lights within the space to either enable or disable them based on a power core being placed or removed from the station. I know this is not completely ideal since setting a module to night nerf's any placed light sources to like 1/4 of their true intensity. But still possible.


              But I agree with the ideas you have listed...some of those I could see being really useful. But with it I would add making it so that the set module atmosphere doesn't degrade the intensity of placed light sources.

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                I'm pretty sure there isn't a way to change module lighting or other conditions in that way. I use FX like spot or point lights.

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                  The atmosphere is a post-process effect, so they won't be able to. It's just like applying a filter or shader to an image. But, I don't see why they can't make it adjustable on the fly. It is probably one of the easiest feature requests asked for thus far, so I'm sure they'll be more than happy to provide it.

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                    I did some light tricks in my REPOWER AND ESCAPE map at begining of map they are not too crazy but pay attention you will see power core interactions change lights

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                      here is what i just did take a module with one lighting. then get anther exact module change atmosphere in that one. ex. one module is bright but lost power and now is dark. using the camera you can make it seem like its changing when really your switching to different module. trick is that you teleport player while cameras are running to the different module. just make sure to line up cameras perfect.

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                        I mean, yes, you could completely duplicate the relevant parts of your level and change the atmosphere in the clone version.  But it's a crazy waste of memory and space.  I contemplated doing that in a future map, but decided to just hold off on that idea until we see if someone implements this.

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                          I did something like that, except I duplicated most of the map, and had the player telepo out of the first section to a disconnected module to restore auxiliary power, then teleport to the cloned section where the lights were on, but auxiliary power was overloading and causing sparks, fires, then explosions.

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                            Ahhh man. Here I thought I was doing something pretty damn unique in my current map with the duplicate module / cam trick . Guess not! It does work nice though. You get that nice fade in/out effect on module change that makes it even more convincing.

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                              It probably wastes less resources to set the modules in dark, block the module's pre-defined lighting with a solid player blocking volume, and then add spot lights all over the room. Then just use triggers to enable and disable the lights, which are now the only source of light to the module(s).

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                                No way, module effects don't use resources at all -- it's much easier to do an "on use" change module from normal to dark, than it is to on use -> show all of the objects you used to block lights.


                                That's just silly, yes it can be done now, but no, you can't do proper dynamic room lighting in a way that makes any kind of sense yet.

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                                  I'm sorry, I guess you're not aware that some modules allow you to stretch one giant player blocking module across the ceiling to block the pre-defined lighting. I can understand how you might get confused if you don't know this.


                                  I'm also not aware of some logic that allows you to change a module upon use. I don't think that logic actually exists in the game.


                                  Since you still may be confused, the beginning of this video demonstrates what I mean:

                                  doom snapmap flickering light - YouTube


                                  He used one player blocking volume and one light. I don't think there's any way that takes up more resources than creating an entirely new module. Adding any additional lights takes up .01% of object space, and turning them off or on takes up very little if you multicast.


                                  I also don't know what you mean by saying "module effects don't use resources at all". That's just plain wrong. Each module has its own % of resources required. Turning off all the "clutter" options and sound layer reduces that %, but it still exists. Inserting another entirely new module is a waste of resources.


                                  Yes, you can do dynamic lighting, but personally, I don't think it's worth the time and effort. Most players won't even notice.

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                                    Covering up lights in modules does not block the light, just the graphics of the physical light.
                                    Make a closed box of player-blocking volumes and stand inside of it along with some object. You will be able to see the object just as if the box didn't exist.

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