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    id, please balance pc and console seperately


      I really don't see why the shotguns were nerfed on the PC version, like I get on consoles aiming is more difficult allowing a shotgunner to get in range easier and the more aim dependent weapons are harder to use on consoles as well.


      Like even the issue with chaingun autoaim was something that should neve never been present on the PC version.


      Even the quickswitch thing seems to be like a thing I saw more console players complaining about.


      Also does id gather multiplayer statistics from the games we play? 


      I want to know how different the console meta is from pc, don't gimp our version for people stuck with controllers!

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          PS, pls give us a report option for cheaters or something

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            +1 to Spec


            Though this game was made from the bottom up for a controller + console combo (which I understand given the market share), PC Players have still managed a way to play it faster and twitchier with higher sensitivity mice and through the use of quickswitch pre-update and personal teleporter. Would be cool to have updates be platform specific, but I get how that's not going to happen given the amount of staff / data collecting / testing required.

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              It only becomes a problem to manage when they start changing stuff...


              The game was perfectly fine and felt magically balanced except for the Chaingun at launch and some weapons being a little under powered. But when you start nerfing core mechanics it's hard to see what consequences that may have on console and PC -- some intended and some unintended. Also the changes have a higher potential to be volatile then just changing the damage scale.

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                I just came here to say that PC vs Console balancing isn't even necessary. I think i'm a good player and come in top score in many games and I play with controller on PC in MP more than half the time I play this game. I don't struggle to keep up with other PC players and although there are a few nuanced movements I can't pull off quite as well with controller compared to a KB+M. The game handles fantastically on a controller, better than most shooters i've played and I think it would undermine ID's accomplishment here to feel the need to balance versions separately.

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                  I don't think they need to balance them separately but they shouldn't change core mechanics for certain weapons. Attention should have been given elsewhere.