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      Thank you so much for the Beta invite. I was super excited to see it in my inbox when I arrived home from work.


      I just installed the game and have been playing ESL for about an hour. I really like it! To me, it feels a lot more like Magic the Gathering than Hearthstone. A few suggestions - feel free to take or leave.


      • It would be great if the big creatures/spells/items "feel" more big when they hit or enter the play field. Aside from reading the stats I think it would be cool if their entrance communicates the fact that they are going to have an impact on the game. I know this is probably very subjective, but at the moment they a little underwhelming.
      • Some of the opponent spell effects and abilities happen a bit too quickly for me to realize what is going on. It would be cool if those could be slowed down slightly.


      That's it for now. Really digging the game, and can't wait to play more.



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          Ummm... the big giant up-down board shaking thundercrash that happens when you play large creatures isn't enough for you?


          There's a ticker in the top left of the screen that shows plays pretty accurately on mouse over. A lot of us who've been in beta for a while actually feel like some animations need to get sped up. Particularly repetitive ones like the cards that give all creatures keywords (Mentor's Ring, Wisdom of Ancients, and Royal Sage) or cards that shuffle multiple things into your deck (lookin' atchu Ungolim).

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            I don't think it's a matter of "not big enough for me" rather I guess haven't seen any of the true "big ones" yet! I'll reserve my judgment till then.


            Thanks for the tip on the ticker in the upper left. I didn't even notice it while playing. As I play more, I'll have to see what my feelings are on the speed. From what you've described as some of the consensus, it seems that my thoughts may change as I progress.

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              Amen to that ^. I think It would be cool if they also changed up the battlefield by having multiple battlegrounds, maybe one for each region of Tamriel or something else. What would be especially awesome is if the background rune pattern were notably different each game, either by a generator or by matching them with other "rune types" found in Tamriel. When I got into the game, I was totally looking forward to seeing Dovahzul runes in the back that I could see.

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                Finish off is way to powerful for its cost. please make it cost more.

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                  A) What does Finish Off have to do with this thread?

                  B) Strength has Stone Throw a 3 drop removal Action that's condition is typically easier to set up and can never ever go 1:2 with the opponent card-wise. If you're gonna nerf Finish Off (which I'm completely against) you gotta nerf the other removal in the game too then.