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    Cost of packs and deck building.


      I'll just put this out there while the games in alpha, knowing full well that prices are in flux.


      Right now the game has 415 cards?  50 cards per deck and 3 card deck limit per deck.  This means that you will have to collect roughly 63% more cards per deck than say Hearthstone (which is a bar that I image this game is hoping to reach).  With a collection roughly 50% larger than when Hearthstone started with (which is not that bad of a issue).


      Pack prices are the same yet give only on more card (20% more cards).  At first look this means you will need to spend roughly 43% more to get the same value unless there is lots of extra free gold (which is not obvious to a new player).  Also I'm more then half way through quests and I only have 75 gold, so it seems like a ton less than Hearthstone.


      New games generally don't want to be seen as less of a value then the biggest competitor (Hearthstone)

      One of the biggest gripes of f2p Magic the Gather is its not free friendly and requires 4 of each card to be usefull deck building wise.

      F2P players are the most fussy out there.


      If anything I would make Legends appear outwardly (pricing and pack size) to be a better deal then Hearthstone AND I would make the accumulation process even more friendly then Hearthstone, otherwise unless your counting on people who love elderscrolls to forgive these issues, it will be a rough road.

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          My biggest problem is the price. 6 cards for 3 bucks is too much. I played a bit of magic a while back, bought a substantial amount of cards. Magic booster packs cost around 3 bucks for 15 cards, 15! Yet HS and ESL want to sell you 5-6 for 3....I view that as just pure greed. Not only are the MTG cards a better value, they are physical and individual cards generally hold a real value to people and can be bought or traded. But in HS/ESL you cant do either and they are pure digital. Being that they are digital and having so few in a pack I think they should cost way less. 6 cards should be around 1$ or so. They don't have to mess with any physical printing or shipping to stores etc so they should be cheaper.


          I can honestly say I would spend quite a lot on this game if they were reasonably priced. But right now I plan on buying about 30-60$ worth to support (buy) the game and that's it. If it was cheaper I know I would end up spending more on it. I love the game but the pricing is ridiculous, as is hearthstones.

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            I would consider spending money on packs if I got a beta invite and decided I liked it (unfortunately don't have the game so can't play it).  It sounds like you get a lot more free stuff than Hearthstone gives for the same amount of grinding.

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              Playing this game is significantly rewarding as far as building your collection goes. You can more or less finish a deck of your choosing from a brand new account in two weeks of play by doing your daily and doing decent in two-ish Arenas a day. Ranked could give a bit more than it currently does but it's still better than Hearthstone's constructed play. You can seriously complete the basic set in a couple of months if you play regularly and you're not too liberal with breaking things down.


              Purchasing packs feels extremely optional as they really aren't going to give you a huge advantage out of the gate. I've actually suggested that Direwolf throw in some Soul Gems with the purchases to bump up the value and consistency of rewards for purchasing. I threw in some money to say thanks to the devs and to help contribute to future development.

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                breeeeh the margin of profit to damn high

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                  1) Get 150 gold, run Solo Arena, get some wins = some gold + 2 packs (Total Profit of 350 Gold + - ); If you get 6+ wins, you're probably promoted (+50 Gold)
                  2) Win 6 or 9 VS Matches for 3 rewards, you're ready to run Solo Arena again.


                  C'mon, in 2 or 3 hours you already got like 5 or 6 Card Packs... o_O

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                    Having packs reasonably obtainable F2P makes the currently exorbitant costs even worse. If I can make 5 or 6 packs in 2 or 3 hours as you say, Askon, why would I ever consider spending three dollars per pack? The real-money cost per pack should be such that it's actually a reasonable deal, all things considered. Given the current setup, 1.50 seems like a much better balance-point than 3. At 1.50 I MIGHT consider buying, but at 3 you can bet I'll be F2P for life.

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                      Just wanted to clear up a bit of miscommunication in the later replies:  When looking at the store page, card packs seem to be priced at roughly $1.50 each for U.S. Currency, but the smallest number of packs you can buy with money is 2, meaning that it's $3.  Otherwise you get some form of 'bulk' bargain if you purchase the higher tiers.  It seems to be 12 cards for $3, not 6.