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    [Bug?] Finish Off works on Mage Slayer



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          This looks like a fun case of "Rules as Written" vs "Rules as Implied".  As written, makes sense, since finish off doesn't actually deal damage.  As implied, seems a little silly that what is basically a spell immunity card can still be destroyed by actions.

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            I'm not a fan of the slight difference between Mage Slayer and stuff like Nahagliiv.  One or the other would be my preference - and I prefer the not targeting option.

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              Technically that makes sense right? finish off doesn't damage the creature it destroys it.

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                The entire point of this creature is that it's safe for you to put an item on it and not get -1'd by an opponents removal spell.


                Does Piercing Javelin work on this card? If targeted removal works, you might as well just run Jerall Forager in this card's place and call it a day.