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    Any idea on when this game is going open beta?


      Still without an invite. Lonely and bored watch others play such a great game. How long till we can all give it a go??

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          I think in about a month. In other way, people who already in the beta, will have a lot of benefits.

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            Hopefully not before they feel ready with the game. Though it does look pretty awesome from what I have seen. Look forward to it but don't want to see it rushed

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              I got a question.

              Does the game appear in the Bethesda launcher for those who played open beta? Because I played but the game doesn't appear. I think the open beta test stopped and that is why?

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                I hope it's not too long.  It's completely awful to try and join these games , at all, once they have an established player base with decent decks.  I was hoping to get in and try it before the "new player experience" gets too frustrating for me to bother.

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                  Same here Mjack33. I would have loved to get in early on this game, but **** it i guess. There is no getting in at all. I tried everything I could and I still have no invite.