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    The Longest Yard - Q3DM17 [Legit]




      Props to Bloodshot for the art template.  I put a heavy amount of time into making this work right as the original version was very, very misaligned and bumpy.  Redid all of the player blocker volumes, rebuilt both top shelves and the right lower shelf, scrapped the Gore Nest portals for traditional teleporters, added the teleporter pad on Quad Shelf. Redid the lighting and added an atmospheric effect [in an all black space you can't see dark enemies in DooM] added the back wall to lower shelves, fixed all of the bounce pads and changed all of the effects.  Fixed the broken logic and added a timer, removed chainsaw.  Remade all of the player blocking volumes to smooth out glitchy animations and bumps that would bounce you around.  Rebuilt completely new ramp launch pads, decorated them with rocks to hide the prop.


      I basically rebuilt the entire thing.




      And a question to other snappers -- is there a way to logic 2 hits in a row with a specific weapon to trigger impressive announcer sound?

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          I played this map in a 4 player DM and I'm telling you, haven't had this much fun in a classic DM in a long time.  The pistol really adds to the skill of the game, great work.  I have a problem with the Quad Damage in the map and I would recommend you change that power up to a regeneration or haste.  Other than that, the map was great fun!




          EDIT:  Ah, I thought you were the original author of this map.  Anyways, the map still rocks.  I will have to try out this updated version when I have time.

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            Quad Damage was part of the original map, and that's what was up there, and considering how weak non-remote detonate rockets are, I don't see the problem.  I did think maybe it could be more "Fun" if less authentic to replace the Quad with just the chainsaw.  The original version had both, Quad and Chainsaw up there, and it also had Gauss on the Island -- which is just way too strong.  140+ damage a shot, I swapped that out for the Vortex Rifle.


            With the way Armor works as "Overshield" or Bonus HP in DooM, regeneration would be overkill.  There is already a mega and armor vest and shield and shards -- it's very easy to get a full stack, especially in 1v1's.  Regeneration would just make it even harder to kill, while Quad lets you neutralize the stack.  The logic is that with the abundance of HP recovery on the map, Quad or Haste makes sense.  More HP though?


            I forgot to mention, I not only rebuilt the top shelves, but I also finished them, as they were missing the edge wall and both bounce pads shared the same landing zone, which meant that the mid->upper bounce pads AND the ramp pads would meet in the middle as it were, which would curve you mid air and land you in the incorrect spot.


            This is a more polished, better balanced, near total rebuild.  I've also eliminated the poorly lit green lighting everywhere, and redid all of the lighting to enhance play ability.  If visibility is still not great, I will continue to iterate, so sub if you like the map.


            Will be adding full standard DM announcers and configurable score/time limits next.  I'm also thinking about letting player 1 choose what to spawn on the island and which powerup at quad.  Allowing you to change quad to Chainsaw/regen/haste and allowing you to sub Gauss/Vortex/Static Rifle.


            Since Update II competitive snap maps should be fantastic gameplay experiences.  I'd like to encourage people to make more.

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              There is a bug in snap map that is presented in this map, and it's kind of a big deal.  Playerblocking volumes do NOT BLOCK PLAYERS that aren't player one.  I don't know what causes this, maybe the amount of player blocking volumes in the map?  Either way -- player 1 can run around smoothly on the props while players 2-4 bounce around and fall through the blocking volumes.  Players 2-4 can't ledge grab either.