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    Record Matches In-Game?


      I don't know about ya'll, but I would like to be able to record certain matches, especially the hard-fought ones.  I'm pretty new to this game, so I don't fully understand all the mechanics and strategies.


      Reviewing past matches would help myself learn the higher level strategies and how cards complement or negate other cards.  And it'd be cool to record those epic matches that i didn't think i would win.  Also it can help me craft a better deck and figure out which card(s) to craft.


      Is there already a way to do this?  I haven't found it.

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          You'll have to record yourself, no way in-game at least. Generally I just try to remember key moments in game, and think about whether my deck can deal with that. Also try to make sure the cards I'm playing feel useful instead of just feeling like I'm throwing cards down just to do it.

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