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    is there a way to link steam with legends


      just a question

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          jup! go to steam and choose 'add non steam game'. browse to the installation folder and add the exe - add it first. won't work because it'll say you need to relaunch it from the launcher. now the trick, edit it again in your library and NOW change the target to what the link in the desktop shortcut says (right click it and choose properties to copy paste it, it's something like bethesdanet://run/5)


          That won't work as valid link the first time.


          Now it'll work (at leasdt here it does, windows10) If your launcher isn't active it will start that first and legends right after that.


          Didn't test it with steamlink yet, though



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            i did it somehow ty a lot mate

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              you're welcome mate, i saw your post just seconds after figuring it out myself.