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    Crusader deck aggro


      crusader.pngblooddraogn.pngburn and pillage.pngpitlion.png


      alternative option (for cleaning up minions in a lane or securing letal) :

      remove 3 pit lion for 2 burn and pillage and 1 blood dragon.


      although most of the time you have atleast 3 minions on field and pit lion increases pressure tremendously.


      how to play

      1. set up letal asap

      2. get rid of some high stats minions(quinrawl burglar etc.)

      3. always go face

      4.always go face



      i got rank 6 in one day and lost only twice. with this deck you succeed most of the time before you hit 8 mana.

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          I'd love to see some updates as to how this deck performs at higher ranks / Legends rank. The "Always go face" instructions kind of scare the hell out of me!

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            I have been playing with a similar deck in legend rank, and it is very good against mages and archers, which were very common some time ago (now I have seen many other aggro decks as well, it seems we all had the same idea).


            I run Burn and Pillage, although I think it is not very good. It is a strange spells that gives rush decks an AoE, which is usually not required.

            The very few games where I have used it though, were really satisfying XD


            I dont use Northwind post though, and I rely more on tokens using the Imperial Reinforcements.

            I use a couple Hive Defender to defec my low health creatures when the opponent finally puts threats on the board, and cannot put less than 3 Jarls and 3 Eastmarch Crusaders.... Card draw while adding more threats? Yes please!!