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    Anybody else feels like there's too much rng in this game?


      like prophecy , plunder, haafinger etc.. ?

      kind ruins the game for for me . for example they could make plunder take two items from the deck and not for the void..

      really hope it wont get more rng based like Hearthstone.


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          Nah. Not really. But I really hope they don't add to it in future expansions (because then it will be).

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            I agree that RNG is right on the edge. They could afford to tone one or two elements down a bit, but at the same time, as long as they don't increase the game's reliance on RNG, I'm happy.

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              Yeah, same. If they start coming up with expansions where half the cards will be "deal random to random", "draw random", "cost random" and so on, I'll be worried. I they keep it like this or tone it down ever so slightly, great.