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    New VS match rewards are HORRIBLE! Nerf hit hard


      Nothing is worse than winning 15 1vs1 matches and getting 5 common cards and like 80 gold... wth? Just had this happen. What is the point of playing if this is what you get? (especially after reaching the max level)


      Nerf has been hard and was a stealth nerf. They just want people to shell out even more $ :/ .At least make the games worth playing and give a pack every 9 or 12 wins OR a better quality card. everything was fine before the nerf. You guys will make plenty of money on the game but if you get too greedy the customer base will get bored of never getting rewards for playing and will leave in droves; just an FYI I know it is still beta so plenty of time to fix it before live! Hope this gets patched up soon. Thanks.

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          Nothing is worse?:) Try grinding gold/cards in hearthstone oh wait, you wont get any free cards. Nerf was obvious, prizes were too good. Stop whining...

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            I don't think there's any problem with the current reward system, 80g is very fine as well.

            If you don't like your cards go buy card packs, only 100g.


            Not even mentioning level up rewards + all the card rewards you get from story mode.

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              After my hearthstone experience I was amazed how enormously big are the rewards for winning 3 games. 15 gold and rare (or random - i dont remember) card was really too good to be true. I would have less rewards from now to eternity rather than have a wipe and nevertheless have less rewards after release.

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                I think it should be kept in mind that this game is still in beta. If you get all the cards before the release, and there is no reset is planned as far as i know, it would be really unfair to newcomers since you'll have all the cards and experience and by then, they will have to buy a lot of cards to be play & have fun. Just chill and play the game, it is pointless to have everything before the game is even released.

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                  I forgot when I got Legendary card from pack last time. Relax, it's Bethesda.

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                    Dude this is normal betas have better rewards to show off cards and ****.

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                      Dude this is normal betas have better rewards to show off cards and ****.

                      Nope . Same droprate now that when  the beta will be open.

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                        Game is Pay to Win... Simple as that!

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                          to get alll commons out of your pack is very unlucky but as for the nerf its self im fine with it, getting insance rewards while cool early on is bad for the longevity of the game. I mean I had almost 60 precent of the whole collection in two weeks of time with out spending one dime on the game.Games not even fully out yet and ill be looking for a exspaion soon lol.

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                            You still get rare or better for 3 wins but it is now rarer. I guess they now use the booster pack distribution (so commons are 4 to 5 times higher than rare etc.)

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                              Game is not pay 2 win, I can give you a deck that goes simple to legendary in 2 days, I have people that are saying they got legendary in 2 days with my f2p deck, after that I made another f2p deck with oneah's collections since he didn't have a lot of cards I helped him make a deck and he reached legend a couple days ago. The rewards have been nerfed slightly, but the chance is there still to get a legendary or a pack, or 40 gold, I got 3 packs in one day from the 3 win rewards system, also I've noticed they slightly upped maybe the pack drops, it might have been just my lucky but I had more rares, epics drop in the last 160 packs I opened so it balances out.