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    Undead deck?


      Hi everyone,


      while recently fighting against an Undead AI in practice, I started thinking if such a deck could be viable in PvP and if anybody tried building one?


      From the first glance it would seem to lack 2-drops and has an overall lategame-heavy cost curve, so including Argonians seems like a must. What would be the second good colour to add besides purple, may be blue, I was thinking?...


      Dunno how powerful this kind of deck would be (probably not ***), but the idea sounds like loads of fun to me

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          I have had the same thoughts, I'm too low on cards and soul gems to even try it out yet though.

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            an Undead deck would be viable but you'd almost absolutely have to include Agility as the secondary for the great midrange options like House Kinsman it provides, and the other good removal like Pit Viper, or Daesha Avenger. Blue doesn't seem to really sync with purple as purple doesnt have nearly as many tokens or sticky minions to use Soul Split, Firebloom and stuff like that on.

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              An AI played to me a purple (or even gold) card,I don't remember the rarity, which was a 7 magicka 5/5, when it enters the field, he fills an area with 1/1 skeletons, and then all undead gets +1/+1.

              This will probably be a must for an undead deck, looks like the king!


              Also, he played to me a mummy, a common, which was 2 magicka, 2/2.

              I know it's pretty lame, but you said undead lacks 2-drops, and I remember this one as cost 2.

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                The 7-cost 5/5 is Bone Colossus.



                As for the 2/2 Mummy, that's what the target of Mummify becomes.  It's not an actual card.

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