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    Suggestion on Level up Cards


      I really enjoy this level up system elder scrolls legends has. Eventhough it can be seen on a couple of other tcgs.


      But what exactly is what stands out here? The fact that they give you alot of cards early on and that eventually you will make them stronger. It feels like i am definetly being rewarded for playing the game. Its like free cards that all i have to do is play it out and eventually upgrade them and if by any chance i want them faster.. well sure, buy it or craft it.


      What is my suggestion? Well i think that it would be really interesting if we could switch options later or on cards that we got with X option already.  So for example, card X can become Y or W... I could after changing it to Y, pay a small fee of 20 dust to convert it to W.  And if i get card W i could pay a small fee to change it to Y. This allows for continuous try outs and modifications. It increases strategic options.


      I think it wouldnt affect the economy of the game much, since it is easier for me to spend 20 dust here and there than actually commiting to 100 just for a try. Its micro spending that may alter my deck significantly.


      Just a thought.