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    [Clock exploit] Infinite turn time in VS arena


      So I am currently in an arena VS a player named Admirable.


      He seemingly went AFK during turn 1 (I was seeing card highlight vary) which ran out of time.


      I proceeded to play T1-4 normally expecting he'd return or D/C.


      On his turn 5, the first card was milled between draws and runes. The cards twitched as if he was going to play one right when the clock was running out. My turn never came. I am writting this and I've been sitting in this arena for 15 minutes now waiting for his T5 to complete.


      I do not know if it is an intended exploit or not but as a way to go 7-0 arena, pulling a timeout exploit appears to be an extremely easy way to get a full collection. It can probably even be scripted to be done by a bot if it's just about timing some card decision right when the timer is about to run out.


      This is extremely frustrating. Would anyone reading this be kind enough to point me towards the customer services? Out of principle, I want my 1 arena ticket reimbursed since I paid real money for it.



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          You can ignore my request for customer services. The guy reappeared more than 20 minutes later and began to play (yes I am that patient against potential exploiters). Since I was still there ready to play and with a 4-5 turns advantage he quit on my next set of actions.



          Please investigate this player's behavior [Admirable] in event logs to see if he's purposely exploiting arena.


          Also please fix this issue in a hurry.


          I understand that this is still in beta mode but once you roll out micro transactions to a beta, you are only holding final release for stability reasons and the game is in a polished state enough that you can guarantee a minimum level of services for the paid content.


          I've spent 200$ on 120 packs already because I'm really digging this game. However, if I face this bug or exploit repeatedly over the next few days or weeks, I'll ask for full reimbursement.





          Edit for further investigation details, the game took place approximately between 11:40p.m. EST and 12:05 a.m. EST