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    What I've learned


      So I started 3 or 4 days ago when beta opened. But I've played a lot since then, rank 3 currently often facing top 100 legend players and having a winratio near 80%. I dno if there is more ranks after legend? I kind a hope so.

      To start off. This game heavily favors tempo due to the cards that grants a crazy bonus when you are ahead in hp in constructed. Which then favors going second, because if you play correctly, you should be getting ahead in the start. "but I want to save my "Blurps" for that big fat legendary on 8+"... NO! You want to get ahead and get that bonus midgame so you can continue to rush your opponent down be through tempo(purple, green and yellow) or card renewal(red).



      Though there is one card that's a tempo loss but is still insane due to the lack of decent "ongoing" destroyers. You all know the card. It's Divine fervor. It's broken beyond reason. Especially because tokens stat'ed and costed as their counterparts, which is also, especially when paired with divine fervor rather broken. The problem with divine fervor is that it does not only buff your future creatures, but it also buffs your board. So what's supposed to be a tempo loss becomes a tempo and a value gain.



      About the ongoing cards. Due to how arena work, these cards are crazy broken. If you can survive the tempo loss, (divine fervor is most of the time not even a tempo loss because it buffs the round it's played) you will most likely win.


      Let me know if i'm in over my head.

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          Yup, Divine Fervor is OP, hopefully they won't take too long to nerf it. I reached Legend with a green/red control deck, removing all threats, starving opponent and than flooding board myself. Was pretty fun to grind the ladder, too bad there is no reward for going Legend. Rank 3 unlocks the last card copy and that's it, not even a title. Been testing arena in solo mode, seems to yield more (2 packs average) and 100gold since AI is dumb. In versus arena you can get unlucky and go 1-3 or 2-3 and then get bad rewards.

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            Legend is the highest rank.  When most people make it to Legend they start play-testing instead of using the decks they know are competitive.  They already made the top grouping, now it is time to have fun.


            Aggro (tempo) decks are competitive, but they aren't OP to the degree you seem to think.  I've seen a few of the "serious" legend players wrecking with slower control-oriented decks.  Blue/Yellow and Purple/Yellow are the best pairings I've seen.  The reason you don't see those as often is due to the cost of the cards.  The deck ends up being mostly Epics and Legends, but they definitely do work.