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    Withe/Blue Dagger mage rank#200=> 20 with it


      Hi,first i have realy bad English so my apology i gonna do my best for make this clear. and sry forthe card namein french in the decklist and wen i explain, i just don't know the usual name.


      So i try many **** deck and down to rank 200+, so i take the deck i play first in F2P and make adjustment with new card.

      I made a good 21 win streek Victory with it, and after that had some lost mostly because i misplay. I understood i have play to many for today so i stop at #29 :


      Capture d’écran (2).png


      Wath is tha dock now? It's a mid range,can be realy agro, but you must clear the opponent board (i explain how after) and you often win with burst (spell face and/or boost minion).

      the decklist is :


      Capture d’écran (3).png


      and the curve :


      Capture d’écran (4).png


      How to play it?

      you almost always want to take the board, put good trade with value with litle weapon you get (with minnion with shield, or litle 2/1 or 2/2 boost in streng for kill larger minion).

      so your weapon, is for take trade, or keep in hand for final burst, but do not play just for doing more domage (and give card to opponent) in midle of the game, if you do that you gonna loose.

      put minnion in both side, take attention to not play all your minnion with 1 Heath in one side.

      you have 8 blast card, sometime you need to use to kill minnion, and sometime you need to keep it for finish off your opponent, that's a thing's can make a loss to a win because you often need it. so that's you make choice if tha minnion need to be clear right now, or if you just ignore it for a moment because this choice make you win 2 turn after. not always easy choice. but some minnion need to be clear because thay give to mutch value to opponent (for example: i don't know the engl name but the 3/3 green for 4 give you a -1-1 at start of the turn is auto-kill of course.) in most of the case in turn 3-4 it's ok tu use it for take the board on midle minnion, but after you need to thinking more. and finaly, of course, use you spell in face the turn to kill your opponent.


      wats in the deck and wy now :


      turn one :

      3-- blast deal's 2 to a minnion, goodlitle removal, not expensive and versatile. that's do the job's.

      3-- minnion 2/1 batlecry give you a +1+0 dagger. and this litle one realy help for take good trade for a litle cost (sometimes free) so that's good turn one, and later in the game you can make turn of you put 2-3 minnion in play so... and the litle dagger is stil good at the midle-end game so. good turn one. (well better than the 1/1 deathratle deals 3 at random in my oppinion)


      turn 2:

      3--minnion 2/3 wen it in play reduce cost of your weapon by one. fisrt the boddy is good for a turn 2. the abylity is realy awsome here because you can get 9 (or more) weapon by your minnion. and with the litle dagger are free with it (so you gain many tempo for take trade) and the large one are at 1, that's realy Nothing for a good +3. finaly the book at 3 with it are great. so that's armorsmith is in the place.

      3-- minnion 2/2 profecy, obstruct (not sure on the name in English for "entrave"). realy versatile /trikky card and can make you win lot of tempo. good card.

      3-- minnion 2/1 deathratle get a weapon +3+0 for 2. so the boddy is weak, but in a same thing's i often see a 1/1 batlecry give a random atronash. well the atronash are good but that's random at first, and i alrady play strong card with tempo util turn 7-8 before i get exaust (if i don't play other drow card of course) so i don't have time to put an atronash. in comparaison the value of the weapon +3+0 are damn good, you can get the +3 (for just one with armorsmith), that's help to take of large taunt (and with shield up minnion that's strong) and steel can put minnion in same turn because of the lower cost. or keep in hand for the final burst wen i explain earlier.

      3-- minnion 2/1 batlecry : give a shield. the body is week again, but the batlecry is insane, you can abuse many card of your deck, take trade without loss, or if you have Nothing to put in play at turn 2, put the shield on her, and a 2/1 shiel for 2 are good. finaly is the best turn 2 in blue for me.


      turn 3:

      3-- minnion 3/3 if the topdeck is blue give you a litle blast deals 2 for 1. you have 42/50 blue card, so that's need to work's (but sometime no, and you cry) and wen that's work's it's damn good.

      3-- blast deal's 3 , well nood need more explain here i think

      3-- minnion 3/4 , your other minnion can't be silence. great body, usefull ability, strong turn 3.

      3-- minnion 2/2 shield, wen it lost the shiel you get a book give +2+2  and draw card for 4. so this one make insane value, first he can take good trade if you buf it because of the shield. and after you get the book give +2+2 and it's realy help because your minnion is litle (don't spend all in one minnion) and the book make you draw and the value continue. best turn 3 in the game, the only thing is the withe removal can easily deal with it (one cost 1 and kill a 2 streng minnion, and one cost 3) lager removall is realy ok for a cost 3 minnion, and you are protect by silence in theory, but that can happen, that's life.


      turn 4:

      3-- blast deal's 4, profecy. no need explain more i think.

      3-- minnion 1/1, shield, wen it lost the shield put a 5/5 taunt in board. in theory that's realy strong,but in fact green (often with red) deal's so easy with it and that's make you loss so muth tempo and it's hard to return on the game. but wen it's not green or he deasen't have the answer(or put in other minnion, and that's happen often right now, and that's a big mistake) the -1-1 to the 1/1 minion cost 2.  (withe spell take care of the 2/2 shield can work's with it to, and that's **** for you) so if  the answer is not here that a strong card so i play it and pray.

      3-- minnion 4/4 , if you have more life than your opponent give a random keyword to all your minnion (that's include imself of course). so the body is ok for a turn 4, and sometime you need to play the first one vanilia because you loss the early agression (with red/green matchup you always loss the early for exemple) and vanilla is just a ok 4/4... but wen you trigger the ability, that's powerful, random and that's sad, but steel  so strong so...


      turn 5:

      1-- unique minnion 5/5, batlecry : take a random spell to your greavyard to your hand. your spell cost one less to play. well only thing's with this card is sad you can play just one...

      2-- minnion 2/2 profecy , batlecry : give +2+2 taunt to a minnion. (can target hiself of course) first i play just one of it, but that's make the ballance against agro to put a profecy minnion and make a taunt, and against control that's not that bad because wen you loss that's can be a free 4/4 can fight at your turn. a trikky card so, just at 2 because you don't want to many withe card. play to 5 is not realy good, that's steel a +2+2 in your minnion, and once again they are not large. (don't put all in one minnion)

      3-- hard remooval, profecy. well you need this card's, once again you not just agro, you win with tempo and take the board, this card make both.


      turn 6:

      2-- minnion 6/3 , battlecry : all player draw 2 card. so it's a card hard to explain, and hard to play with. in most of the time you play it wen you use all your option, but if your opponent alrady have 6+ card in hand and you just 3 you can play it for give you more option for exemple. the card make you realy draw (not just remplace, draw, you have 3 card in hand and you play it for have 4 card and 2 new in hand, that's not just filter the deck) so that's better against control, but against agro that's can give youthe last blast you need to finish off your opponent, but don't play if to fast so... hard to use well, but you need it, 3 is to mutch (i play at 3 wen i play just 1 turn 5 2/2 profecy) and one you never see it,so 2 it's ok. finaly the body is agresive, not good, but steel can deals 6 so...

      3-- minnion 4/4, batlecry : choice +2:+2 to a minnion (can target himself) or deal's 2 to a minnion. versatile card, that's wy it's strong, once again your minnion isn't large and don't spend all in one. and the othe ability to deal 2, play a minnionand remove one by play it is always good.


      and no 7+ cost, at this stage you wan't play 2 or 3 thing's by turn.


      well i maybe should put more détail to how play the deck and mostly the matchup but it's 5 AM, i start at 3 and take a pause in a midle, it's realy hard to write in english for me and thank's to all bravely read me by the end.

      i made an edit to improve it (and put the matchup) and answer if you have question.


      so good day / night

      have fun