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    First hours experience


      Hi everyone,


      I've started playing some days ago and i'm loving the game and the more strategic approach of ESL, yet keeping some casual and fun quirks. But I have had some slight problems that I will explain (I understand this is a Beta, I write this so developers can profit from feedback):


      1. Menu navigation is slow and clumsy (because you have to wait for all animations to pass).
      2. Color palettes for card art are quite similar, and this makes differentiating them difficult. This is in relation with the 3rd point.
      3. Card borders fell somewhat lackluster, maybe even fragile asi if you were to have one of these in your hands you would break it. Moreso difference between attributes could be done more explicit (blade borders for strength, shields for endurance, etc)

      Leaving aside those things playing this game has been fun and interesting, and I plan to give it support in various forms as it develops. I strongly want this game to succeed.

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          Welcome to the gang Badger!


          To me the animations add a nice rpg nuance that I really enjoy.

          As for your observations on the cards I like the idea of some kind of art added that differentiates attributes a little, though I'm a big time text reader it would be a fun add-on when developers have time.


          Anyway, welcome again... hope you enjoy.