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    Bug report - launcher and game


      Greetings. I'm reporting a few bugs, misstypes and other issues I found relevant since the open beta release.


      1- Since the last launcher update (Client 1.1.3 ) , the launcher stays too big on the screen, I guess the update changed how it resize based on the screen resolution and DPI, I use a custom DPI and resolution on my computer to best suit my needs, so the launcher seems to conflict with it. Tried to disable the resize option on 'Properties'>'Compatibility', but the problem remains.


      2- 'Soulrest Marshal' only reduces the cost of creatures, instead of any card as read on the effect.


      3- When revisiting the story mode (in my case, after completition), by ending the current match, the game jumps right to the last chapter. It isn't possible to experience the story mode as if it was the first time (chronologically), without selecting each chapter manually.


      4- This bug happened once. A player held a card over one lane, as if trying to play it, then waited he timer to end. The card remained over the creatures on that lane during my turn, not allowing me to target them.


      5- When oppening a pack, sometimes I can see a colored glow around a rare card, indicating its rarity accordingly. The problem is this just happen so often instead of every time or not at all. I don't know if this is supposed to mean something else or is just a bug.


      6- Friendlist isn't working and aways have a dummy friend request that cant be accepted or reclined.




      7- There should have icons for opening packs, store and collection in all menus. Doing any of those actions is just a hassle if you're playing, because you have to wait too many screen transitions.


      8- There should be a option or a button to instant open all prizes and reveal all cards from a pack. The animations make those actions take too long for my taste and don't allow the next action occur while it's playing.


      9- Lethal damage from effects is WAY too overpowered ('Whirling duelist' + 'Daedric dagger' = GG) : (


      10- Even #9 being true, the red and green legendary '\Allena Benoch' is just weak. It should have it's cost, effect or status changed to be a little better for a dual color legendary.