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    The rune system is bad.


      Sorry, but my english es bad. very bad.


      Currently, only it used for card advantage. Then, control the table and finish 26 damage.

      Control decks have an advantage against aggro decks, or aggro players, that removes variety of decks. I believe this is toxic system for proper formation of metagame, and then balance the game.

      In card games there are 3 (4) types of decks.

      1. Aggro.

      2. Synergy. (Synergy is not combo deck, misnamed now)

      3. Control.

      And.... combo deck, This is the bad son, card games. I mean the OTK (one turn kill) decks. They do not follow any rule, The end and the means is the combo.


      Aggro > Control

      Synergy > Aggro

      Control > Synergy

      The wheel is => Aggro > Control > Synergy > Aggro.  But this system breaks the wheel, generating card advantage for one and not for others.


      Proposal for runes and prophecy:

      1 - Each 5 damage, destroying a rune and look at the top card of your deck. if a letter of prophecy, you can play it, otherwise go back to your deck. Letters prophecies, they will have a higher cost in relation to the effect.

      2 - The rune that breaks the enemy draws the card. It would play more aggro decks, It is also bad.

      3 - Every few turns, both players draw a card, and it is compatible with (1).


      I hope you understand. Greetings



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          The Rune system isn't just BAD.  The Rune system is demoralizing!

          For getting his face smashed your opponent draws up to 10% of his deck! 

          Gets to see an additional 10% of his deck, which the player doing the face smashing does NOT.

          That's 10% free draws, asymmetric draws! in addition to regular draws!

          This means the opponent, the one getting his face smashed, is more likely to draw his Win Condition ...

          ... or, draw enough cards to stop the assault on him, while at the same time exhausting the cards of the opponent who just seconds ago was winning! This, in and of itself, is demoralizing!


          However, the more I think about it, the more I come to suspect that the Rune system is itself designed to compensate for another design flaw.  The Double Lane system.  This means that altering the Rune system will either expose the flaws of the Double Lane system or it will have NO effect at all. 

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            I dont really agree with you.

            I think the problem, if anything, would be the prophecy randomness, but not the rune drawing mechanic.


            I like how this game is so far. Aggro is being kept at bay because when you go face like crazy, you are giving the opponent more cards and a chance to play for free.

            And pure control is being kept at bay because, basically they have no cards at the power level of other games. (The 4 mana wrath of god of this game, affects only half the board and costs 8. The twisting nether of this game affects only half the board. The best removals are 5 mana, or 3 mana leaving a 2/2 behind. 4 damage for 4 mana. Etc)


            Since people usually complain against super aggro and super control, since both styles are boring to play against.... I like how they are designing the game!


            However, my complain is that prophecy cards are very powerful, and playing them for free can give you the game easily. Playing a 2/6 guard in turn 4 for free is crazy tempo, or getting a lance to kill their biggest creature for absolutely free...

            So yeah, it can be frustrating at times, but at least it is fun.

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              I believe the entire point of the rune system is to punish hyper-aggro while the lanes counter control and makes otherwise unplayable minions playable(By being able to avoid bigger minions in one lane that would get free trades). In a game such as Hearthstone, one player usually wins by a landslide because falling too far behind makes it incredibly hard to comeback against and playing an understatted minion will just give the other player a free trade.


              The combination of the lane and rune system help to slow the game down a bit and give both players a chance to regain a board presence. If anything, they should nerf prophecy cards since many of them are pretty ridiculous and can practically win the game by playing them for free.

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                I have to disagree too with the main post, and agree with Kagemane.


                The Rune system really punish the Smorc playstyle, "stop being braindead! stop going face! your losing control of the field!" its possible thanks to the rune system. I got sooooo many comebacks with it, crushed some Face players, i even got to comeback from 1HP! 1!! and i got a tittle for that! amazing!

                This makes the game overrall more fun to play, and not an auto win from the start if you guess the deck the opponent is playing...


                Lets stop this aggro play style, lets have a more fun way to play, if you dont like it, go play the RNG fest that HS is, theres a lot of aggro freedom there for you.

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                  I am with Koneko.


                  The Rune system is great, and is all that stops hyper aggro from being insanely dominant.


                  Note that 80% of decks I see are hyper aggro anyway, and it is still pretty dominant.

                  But at least there is a small chance against them due to runes and prophecy.

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                    I love the rune system, can swing a game. It adds a different facet and makes you consider you attacks more. Good addition in my opinion.


                    I hope they don't listen to every criticism on the boards constant tweaking can ruin a game.

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                      I also disagree with the main post I love the dept that the rune system adds. Going fully face should have risk and yes while the prophecy cards can be swingy there is always a way to play around them. And yes the rune system is better for control decks than for aggro, but I don't care I prefer control over aggro.

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                        The Rune system is perfect and anyone who thinks otherwise is a salty Hunter (Hearthstone) player who is incapable of using their brain. That is a fact.

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                          So sad story that's why i love rune system it force aggro shaman and zoo warlocks to start thinking a little bit.

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                            I think the problem is that you think that "Aggro > Control > Synergy > Aggro" is the way things should work. But they not. It maybe true for mtg, hearthstone and many other games. But not necessary for all. Leagens is not one of them, and work by other mechanisms.

                            Stop measering games by mtg and his only.

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                              When you lose because of the rune system is completely unfair, but when you win because of the rune system is just fun, isn't it?

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                                When you lose because of the rune system is completely unfair, but when you win because of the rune system is just fun, isn't it?

                                    This statement is both spurious and cynical.


                                    I usually ONLY lose to people with much better decks, with cards that I've never even seen.  I feel like I'm wasting their time.  However, on the one and only time that I won BECAUSE of the advantage that the RUNES gave me, I wished there was a ""You Lost to the RUNES, jack!" emote, because I would have spammed it.


                                   In NO sport or competition is there anything comparable to the RUNES.  You don't get FREE, UNEARNED loaded bases in Baseball because you have no runs while the other team has scored 10.

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                                  If you ask me, the rune system is a trademark of ESL, it makes this game very different from others, I think that it requires you to have a strategy in mind, and reminds us that Bethesda made their own game, I love it. Also, Rumby, my first language is English, your original post made my day, keep it up

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                                        In NO sport or competition is there anything comparable to the RUNES.  You don't get FREE, UNEARNED loaded bases in Baseball because you have no runs while the other team has scored 10.

                                    You are so wrong with this one. You are probably never studied evolution of gaming. Because any modern board game (you name it) have a built in mechanics for runaway leader. You may search online for more explanations on how it works and why. It's usually called: "runaway leader problem", "balancing mechanics". Any modern game is considered bad without it.

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