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    Free speech and criticism in the forums


      Let me start by saying this isn't a rant about censorship. I think free speech and generally productive discussion is alive and well on the forums, vibrantly so (some people whine a little much, but whatever), and I understand wanting to censor cusses due to like 13-year-olds and younger kids who probably play the game. Oh, but while I'm here, why is the acronym for "at the moment" currently automatically censored? Can we please fix this, tech guys? Thanks!


      This is about silent criticism: a dislike mechanic, and "not helpful." I've noticed that apparently, when a comment has never been marked as helpful, the counter won't display, even if it has been marked "not helpful." That is, you will literally never see "0 of X people found this helpful." One of the most important things when it comes to free speech is criticizing people who use it to say straight-up stupid stuff. Yes, you can reply to them, but some ragey, whiney posts don't even warrant a reply. So I suggest the implementation of a dislike button, or allowing "0 of X people..." to display. Thanks for your attention.