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    For God's sake, please re-balance Arena


      This is actually much less about re-balancing or reworking Arena as a whole (I absolutely love Arena and the rewards) and more about specific cards which are automatically on a higher power level in Arena than in Ranked. This mostly has to do with the smaller deck size.


      Okay, let's stop beating around the bush: Elusive Schemer might be a minor problem, but Ungolim the Listener is the most soul-crushingly un-fun card to play against in the Arena. I have literally come across at least 2 -- and perhaps 3, but I may be getting mixed up with Ranked mode -- turn 1 Ungolims in Arena (followed by one assassin within the next 2-3 turns and at least 1 more drawn and played assassin before they won, mind you). Do you know what this means, Dire Wolf? It literally means an automatic win for the person playing with Ungolim. There is no debate here. It's actually a completely overpowered 1-mana "Win this game!" card when played early on in Versus Arena. Sorry for the salt and ranty-ness, but it truly needed to be said.


      It's even possible that the solution is to do with Ungolim what Blizzard just did with Purify (what a fiasco lol) but for the exact opposite reason.

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          Joining the thread a bit late, but just so I didn't create a new one with a similar subject: we should get a fixed number of legendaries per run. It's soul-crushing, as Cynical Kook said,when you have a deck full made basically of commons and rares and the opponent drops a Nahagliiv on your face, for example. We should all get 2 or 3 legendaries per run and it would be fair. Never saw an Ungolim at arena but I can imagine how frustrating this must be.

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            Again, posting here so I don't create a new thread:


            This **** is just ridiculous. We try to draft with some kind of gameplan in mind (full agro, control with spells, prophecy, curse/finish offs.. etc) and it works well UNTIL the opponent comes and starts dropping legendaries which, by the way, you drafted none. My last 2 arena runs: 7-1 and now 2-3.


            The solo loss on the 7-1 run came from a deck with Nahagliiv, which totally stopped my offense in one side of the board. How many legendaries did I have? None.

            Now, on the 2-3... first loss came from a Blood Magic Lord + Shackle blood magic which there was no way to play around. Second loss: Supreme Atromancer. Third loss... Ungolim PLUS Tazkad. Again, how many legendaries I got? None.

            I know I won't have 7 win runs everytime, but a little balance would be welcome. And don't come with ******** of "that's your fault for not having drafting skills", the thing is that there's no way to "skill our way" through legendaries. The power gap is just so big.


            Now we have: ranked which is mostly net-decked control mages. Arenas with zero balance on the drafting process. Practice mode slow as hell. A company that NEVER replies to the userbase during the "beta" (which should be the moment of interaction between the company and the beta "testers"), that is not really a beta because they're already charging real money since forever.


            Sure Direwolf is making a great, amazing work towards the game longevity.

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              I disagree completely. Sure it can be frustrating, but any card game that involves random draft has this. You go to play Friday Night Magic or do a booster draft tournament - someone gets a powerful rare, others get trash. Its a part of the game. I think changing this would take away the point of a random draft, and make every arena battle a game where you throw out trash until you get your Legendary....First one to get it wins.... This takes away from the gameplay and any since  or reason of strategy if we all get 2-3 legendaries.

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                I completely agree and hate the Arena.

                If I wanted to play a random game I'd play something different, If I play legends I want it to be about skill, and the Arena is simply not.

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                  I'm not usually one to bandwagon on nerf trains but yeah I could see merit in removing Ungolim from arena.