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    Can't Soultrap some legendaries?


      I got Adoring Fan twice. But I can't soultrap either.


      Same thing with Ungolim. Not that I would want to soultrap him, but the tooltip over the soultrap button says "you can't soultrap this card".

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          Is that so?  I kept getting Tyr from my Nord bonus, and I was able to decon him.

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            Huh. Turns out you're not alone:
            Re: Can't soul trap some Lenegendaries

            It is worth checking that it's not in any of your decks and isn't a 'levelable' card.


            Adoring Fan is particularly weird though. That's an exception as it can't be crafted, but it should only be received by winning Arena. How did you come by the second copy?

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              Not being to soultrap is Ungolim indeed explained by him being in one of my decks.


              But adoring fan isn't part of any deck of mine. I got my second copy as an indivual card reward (I think) from solo Arena. Could it be he's part of one the 4 adventure decks? I can't remove those from my deck list through some bug.

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                But an individual card reward for completing Solo Arena is how you're *supposed* to get him. Are you then saying that this reward occurred twice?

                And regarding this bug, can you not just remove all cards from the deck? When you do so and then exit, it forces that deck to be deleted.

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                  If a Legendary is in one of your decks it can't be soul traped.

                  And as for Adoring Fan because it is easy to get (Normal from getting 9 wins in solo arena and foil from getting 7 in vs arena) it can't be traped.