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    Anyone from Dire Wolf or Bethesda here able to answer questions about the game?




      Is there anyone here in an official capacity able to answer questions about the game?


      I ask as there seems to be quite a few questions floating around, especially on Reddit where nobody knows the answer.


      As an example, here are a few questions about the matchmaking:


      How does the Versus Arena matchmaking work?I assume it tries to match you vs people with the same number of wins.

      -Does it also take losses into account?

      -Does it take arena rank into account?


      And if so, how does it take those into account?



      Vs battle matchmaking seems to very quickly start looking outside of a persons rank - how long does it only search within your rank.



      Getting some official word on how this game works under the hood would be great :-)

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          dont know if you played heartstone... same principle... i think, would make sense... it takes your win and loss into account when matching against other people... dunno about arena rank, maybe just prestige....