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    Where is chat?


      Since I'm sure Bethesda wouldn't make the same mistakes as Blizzard and have no chat in a social game that clearly requires it,

      what am I missing? Where is the chat pane?

      League has one.

      Magic Online has one.

      TF2 has one.

      All are competitive games and two of them are more action oriented; a card game though has a lot of empty time while you wait, in which you can communicate.


      So, someone tell me Bethesda isn't taking it's cues from Blizzard, the most disappointing game company of the last 20 years and the most

      prolific in insulting and short-changing their oldest fans.


      Where's the chat pane and if it's not in, when is it coming?

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          Boy do I hope there will be a chat when the game is released, ebcuase that's right there's a lot of empty time when we could actually communicate

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            That's awesome that magic has chat! I don't play but that's what I wanted in Hearthstone. I know people can be toxic etc but it would really cool. Maybe give us an option but yeah I like socializing in game. Only emotes I use are hello and goodbye so that's not enough.

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              At the very least a chat feature with people on your friends list.


              **edit - Coordinating play testing with friends via text message on the phone is a pain.  Not to mention I have added friends I don't know in RL via the game and have no way to communicate with them in game at all.

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                If a chat is every implemented please also include a 'mute' for said chat.


                Coming from the toxic community in Hearthstone I really dont want to see the same type of chat here. Not that Hearthstone has chat but it does allow to friend after a loss/win and boy those chats are toxic.

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                  I highly doubt there will be a chat. Why?

                  1) With the chat, players might make deals. "Let me win this arena game please, I will give 10$ on Paypal".

                  2) With the chat, players will get scammed. "Let me win and I will give you 10$" (that are never paid).

                  3) All the insults will require a report function. That means that people have to get hired who check those reports and analyze the chat to find out whether that person has to be punished or not. That means additional expenses.

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                    Um, no @ mute and at a report function. It is not needed for words in a box, which harm no one.


                    We just need a chat for the downtime and for talking to friends while playing matches. That simple. I do like the emotes but they alone do not do the job. (though it was heartening to see that Bethesda included the "taunt" emote that Blizzard are too weak to implement)

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                      Well according to the most recent patch notes (Aug 2016) from TES Online, they just implemented a chat function on that game (text chat on consoles, after ~2 years). I don't have TES Online yet as I'm waiting for the Gold Edition to be released next month, but I would say if and when they deem chat a necessary addition to TESL... they should have the majority of the work done by their development team. Implementing in a new game with good code is usually less work than starting from scratch. Cross platforms, idk?



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                        @Coldsonic Hope you enjoy ESO. Haven't played in some time but I enjoyed soloing when I did.
                        That said, this is developed by Direwolf+Beth which is seperate from ZOS+Beth. It's also a very different game. So chat features are probably two very different things to build between the two games. Still could happen but probably a different beast.


                        I'm against chat, but I do think friendslist only is probably the best idea if it comes around.
                        But yea, sorry, text isn't just harm to no one. It's destructive. They're at least partly responsible for their players and ****** people build a bad community.
                        They'll want to get rid of people breaking their user rules (like in ESO).

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                          In time the community will grow toxic and everyone will just disable chat. So why put in a feature that will be only used for a few months and then ignored by most users for years to come. Makes no sense to me.

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                            I personally would like to see chat included into the game. Friend or not. Every person that complains about "toxic" this and that as being a "legit" reason to not have chat is full of it... this is why "Block" was created... you don't have to speak to someone, and if possibly getting 1 nasty message before you block someone is too hard for you to handle, then maybe the internet is the best place for you . So many snowflakes out there.... sorry I didn't included any trigger warnings to my post.


                            I welcome an open and free social environment for all that wish to join it.

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                              A game like this NEEDS chat. I uninstalled Hearthstone because it's just too boring with all the downtime and zero social functions. It's an online game, you play it with other people, it REQUIRES chat. Period, no two ways about it.


                              The complaints about needing mute or that everyone will disable it are disingenuous and come from a vocal minority.


                              As for the word "toxic" dont get me started. Riot started that nonsense, poorly defining the idea of "toxic" to the game as somehow referring to harmless words in a box when the only thing that can be toxic in a game is gameplay.

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                                so, no one has heard anything about when we can expect chat implementation?

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                                  Online pvp game = social game

                                  social game = communicating

                                  communicating = chat.

                                  We neeeed it! Please!

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                                    I would rather:


                                    1) No in-game chat


                                    2) Allow chat only to occur among friends





                                    I've played enough card games, more than mtg, hearthstone, iw, yugioh online and much more. To know that in-game chat is a terrible mistake. It leads to toxicity of the game quicker than no other. I speak via experience, I do not joke about such matters when it concerns a good community. So far, ESL's community has been better than most (much by the effort of the moderators of these forums and of course, the civil populace of these pages) and I would rue the day in-game chat leads to the ruination of that.


                                    Trust me when I say that communication being limited is sometimes a good thing in a game, (not in real life), as long as you get to convey ideas and thoughts in a basic manner. That is more than enough. Any more and you'll get things like: Soulrest Marshal -> Soulrest -> Marshal -> Soulrest Marshal + draw two cards 4/4 -> "Haha noob l2p, you so bad at this game! You can't get through this, why can't you play 4 cards in one turn? Because you are a noob!"


                                    It WILL happen if you allow in-game chat and no one wants to see that.

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