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    VS Arena : The Fastest Way to Get Cards


      Unlike Arena Mods in other games, this mode seems to reward you very well without having to go past 7 wins. I created a quick video showing off the different arena rewards for different total win amounts to demonstrate this.


      The Fastest Way to Get Cards in Elder Scrolls: Legends - YouTube


      Compared to the other modes such as Solo Arena, Practice, VS, or even just flat out saving up gold and buying packs through quest, I don't think there is a faster way to build up your card collection then playing in the vs arena. Especially if you are a new player, you should consider putting your gold down for those arena tickets and trying your hand at surviving the cage matches. Because of the (right now) fairly limited card pool per color, I find that you tend to be able to build somewhat consistently with specific deck types with specific colors, although of course a great deal of chance comes into it.


      The big winner though is that you just get much better rewards for much lower wins than any other arena/ draft style mode I have ever played. And, well, it is a lot of fun.

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          Exactly, even at the high arena ranks seven wins are quite often if you are good at at.


          And the rewards are just insane:



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            It is a good way to collect cards, however it seem that it is on par with practice mode and solo arena. You can grind practice mode with a decent deck you will lose 1 in 10 games or less, this way you get about 250 soul gems an hour. I was able to get 1200 gems in about 3-4 hours. The rewards from solo arena are the same like the vs arena minus some gold (20 I think). To get enough gold to play arena at all you need to get 150 gold, this takes time which in theory you could use to generate gems from practice. So overall if you look at the time invested if you play only expert practice mode 3 hours per day everyday for about 2 weeks you will have all the cards you want guaranteed, while on the arena method you will have more cards but don't get to chose which.


            Also I am sure people have manged to create macros that beat the 5 soul gems AI by now for sure, this seems very easy to abuse at this point.