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    Launcher starts up to black screen


      I attempted to start up playing Elder Scrolls Legends recently but the Bethesda Launcher only launches to a black screen. The screen was active once, meaning I could click things but after that one time it just starts up to a black screen with nothing. I've tried reinstalling, running in compatibility mode, and running as an administrator.


      I'm using Windows 7 on a Sony Vaio laptop.

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          On a side note, with the installer update, I still have the same issue but now I can pretty consistently get things moving on the black screen. Meaning by blindly clicking around I can hit links to external web sites. Possibly if someone posted screenshots I might be able to work through the download process and start up the application without using the launcher.

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            Could you send me a PM with your dxdiags so we can best investigate the issue?



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              In addition to sending your dxdiags, please verify that all of your drivers are up to date to make sure that's not the cause of the issue. Thanks!

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                Where is the location of dxdiags?

                I was able to get it to run yesterday by changing the program to run in Windows 7 Compatibility mode (I'm using Windows 7) and running as an admin. It doesn't work every time I start it but it it'll work once every three or four restarts.

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                  Hi @xcornmuffinx


                  You can access your dxdiag by opening your Start Menu and typing in search "dxdiag". That will bring up dxdiag.exe. Open this and select to "Save All Information...". This will prompt you to save a notepad file. Open that wherever you save it to, and copy and paste that information to me in a PM.


                  To everyone,

                  In addition to dxdiags, could you please also send me a PM with your Bethesda.net Logs (usually located in your C:\\>Program Files>Bethesda.net Launcher>Logs. As well as a screenshot?