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    Soulrest Marshall´s new bug (detailed explanation) + Bethesda´s communication


      I was playing a versus ranked match and found out a new bug there.

      So the Soulrest Marshal is supposed to reduce the cost of the next card you play by 6 as long as you have more health than your enemy: soulrest1.jpg


      But after the patch he reduces the cost of the next card you play by 5 instead of 6


      As you see, the Triumpahnt Jarl costs 1 mana after i played Soulrest Marshal. Triumphant Jarl costs 6 mana usually, so his mana cost were reduced by 5 instead of 6.

      My question to the support team is, whether that´s a bug and Soulrest Marshal is still supposed to reduce the cost by 6 or whether there was a hidden nerf and you just forgot to change the description?

      If the latter is the case, i would be pretty happy if you write nerfs into the patchnotes, because hidden nerfs (sorry for that) suck hard. It would be pretty cool if you communicate with your players.

      For example, I lost a game because of this hidden nerf and got pretty angry because of it. I could imagine that you are going to lose some players because you don´t communicate with us and that would be pretty sad because this game is awesome!

      Nevertheless i hope that you enlighten us about that bug or hidden nerf and finally start to communicate with your playerbase